The Best Halloween Costume Ideas Ever!

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The best Halloween costume ideas ever are different to each person. That's because which Halloween costume you like best is a matter of personal taste. You may like the Gothic Vampire best, while I like the Fairy. There are some costume themes that are popular every year, and some styles come and go depending on the blockbuster movies or cartoon characters that happen to be popular right now. Let's take a look at some of the classic costume styles that are popular year after year.

Superhero and Villain Halloween Costume Ideas

Superheroes and their worst Villains are always a popular costume idea for Halloween parties and trick or treating. This year Batman is popular again, and so are some of his most famous villains…The Joker, The Scarecrow, Cat Woman and Poison Ivy. Logan, of the X-Men is also pretty hot this season…we know him as Wolverine. Transformers have been a popular kids costume theme for years, but thanks to the release of their new movie, Revenge of the Fallen, they are super hot this year. Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron are the three most popular Autobot costumes for boys.

For girls and women there is Supergirl and Wonder Women to turn each of us into crime fighters with special powers that make us Super! Spider Girl costumes are also pretty popular with the ladies year after year. The really super thing about these superhero costumes is that they work for both male and female costume ideas. It's just fun to have these extra special powers and crime fighting abilities, even if it is only for one day. And it's fun to be one of those very bad guys…just for a day too.

Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

If your not going to be a Superhero, you might want to dress up like a Celebrity. A celebrity like Hannah Montana are all fun dress up costumes to wear. Movie and TV stars are as close as you can get to Superheroes without actually being one. For boys there are beloved characters like Ben 10 or Dan Kuso of Bakugan are a close relative to superheroes.

For teens and adults there are some real oldies, but goodies costume ideas out there. Be nostalgic and get dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis from any of his hit movies…or from his music. There's Michael Jackson costumes with his outfits from Thriller, Bad…and the beautiful sparkling Billie Jean outfit. For the ladies, how about that beautiful and funny lady from I Love Lucy…Lucille Ball, that famous comedian from old time TV.

Then there are some adult funny costumes based on characters like the Flintstones…yep, Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty and even Bam Bam and Pebbles are popular adult and teen costumes.

Gothic Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes, it's the make up possibilities that attract us to a particular character we can dress up as. The Gothic theme is always a popular one, but this year the gothic costumes for teenagers and adults are really moving out of the stores quickly. The Renaissance goth costumes, and the cooler punkier ones, like the Gothic Fairy, the Corpse Bride and Groom or the Gothic Mummy are fun, not only to wear, but to get made up for. Very light foundation and very dark, smokey eyes are part of the gothic make up charm. Add some black nail polish, a little gray blush and some dark blood red lipstick and you've achieved the gothic Halloween look.

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Of course, if you happen to be an adult, sexy is always a hit. You can take one of those Marilyn outfits or get a Greek Goddess Venus or Aphrodite. There's a really cute lady Cop uniform and some naughty, but nice Angel and Fairy costumes. For the men, there are the classics, the Vampire and the Roman Guard and of course, the Cop if you like a man in uniform.

Fantasy and Fairy Tale Halloween Costume Ideas

The Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell, Fairy and Mermaid costumes are always big crowd pleaser for the girls and the boys, well, they have Prince Caspian, a Knight, Peter Pan and the Dragon Slayer to choose from. The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland open up lots of costume ideas too.

Easy Costumes For Halloween

Easy costumes are always big hits with all age groups. Togas, Scrubs or a White Lab Coat are very popular because of the ease of making them. You don't have to buy or sew to turn yourself into a Toga wearing Greek, or a Doctor or Nurse costume. Just get a sheet or a large rectangular piece of material to make your own toga or borrow some scrubs and a stethoscope from someone in the medical field.

What ever Halloween costume ideas you decide on, whether its a toga or Marilyn, or The Gothic Fairy for the ladies, and a Transformer or Indiana Jones costume for the guys, enjoy the chance to dress up and go out and have some fun.

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Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Halloween is a fun excuse to decorate your house and yard for the season. Whether you go for fun or scary, there are lots of ways to make your home festive for the holiday. The kids will all love coming to your house to see the decorations, and you can even involve your own children in helping to plan and decorate. Here are some easy yard decorations you can use to give your home a holiday feel.

- Fake cobwebs. This is a cheap and easy way to add some ambience to the scene. Fake spider webs are usually made from loosely bound white cotton that you can pull in any direction. Start by taping or tacking one down one end, then stretch the cobweb in two directions to form a triangle shape. The cobwebs work best in corners, over a part of a window, or on the front porch. You can add a few black plastic spiders to the webs to give it an even more realistic effect.

- Fake tombstones. Tombstones are an easy way to turn your front yard or flower garden into a makeshift graveyard. You can buy “stones” made out of wood or vinyl, which come attached to a stick so you can simply push them into the ground. Usually the tombstones have names of monsters or other scary names, and include funny epitaphs. You can make your own tombstones out of plywood and paint too.

- Reusable fake carving pumpkins. These are a relatively new invention, and they make a great Halloween decoration because they can be used every year. The pumpkins are made out of a hard styrofoam, and are perfect for carving. The carving itself does take a little longer because the Styrofoam is harder than a real pumpkin, but the advantage is these pumpkins will never rot, and so you can keep them for next year. Also, since they are harder, it is easier to make more intricate designs without worrying about the thin areas caving in. You can buy carving design kits at many craft stores, or even find designs on line. Just make sure you use a glow stick or flashlight to light them instead of a real candle.

- Lighting. You can use a few lights to really set your display apart. The most important lighting for Halloween is up lights. You can find these at most home improvement stores, they are usually just lights designed so that the light shines upwards out the can. Strategically placing a few of these lights can have a truly dramatic effect. Place them below your cobwebs to create interesting shadows and light the spiders. They are also great in conjunction with a fog machine. You can also experiment with different colored lights, like red or orange, to give an eerie glow to some of your decorations.

- Scary music. No Halloween would be complete without some theme music. You can buy CDs that include lots of screams, organ pipes, and other scary sounds to really set the mood. If you're a little more adventurous, you can record your family making all sorts of scary noises and use your computer to create a custom CD. Set the speakers up near the front door so people get the full effect as they approach.

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Low-Cost Halloween Decorating Ideas for Fun

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Halloween is a uniquely special time of year, regardless of whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart. It's a holiday time that offers lots of wonderful opportunities to decorate your home creatively, since the subject matter is different from any other holiday. If you're thinking about decorating your porch and yard for the spookiest night of the year, you can do it without having to spend a lot of money. Here are a few low-cost ideas for showing your Halloween spirit to the world:

Crime Scene to Fright Scene

You can get rolls of yellow Caution tape (the type you see at crime or disaster scenes to keep people out of certain areas) fairly inexpensively at most hardware stores, and if you put it up around the perimeter of your yard, accompanied by a sign that says something like “Fright Scene: Enter at Your Own Risk,” it can give an eerily spooky ambience while also offering guests a wary smile.

You can enhance that spookiness either more by replacing your regular porch light with a black light bulb. Adding a few Halloween-oriented items like skulls and ghost figures that glow in the dark will be even more effective.

Pumpkins and Paint Fun

If you want your pumpkins to last longer (and even to be reusable when you scrap your Halloween decorations and begin decorating for Thanksgiving), don't carve them. Paint them with acrylic paint. You can create an infinite variety of faces or scenes, and your pumpkins will last much longer. There's also none of the mess involved with carving them. Place your pumpkins in groups of three to five of varying sizes and shapes. It makes for a much more effective display.

Graveyard Fun

A little paint can go a long way in creating great-looking tombstones, too. You can paint simple boards gray and then use black paint to add silly or scary epitaphs that will delight visitors. Things like: “See? I Told You I Was Sick” can bring smiles, but you can also create scarier epitaphs to bring out the more ghoulish side of your nature.

Craft Fun for Children

Children love this craft. You can create some wonderfully spooky scenes in your windows by cutting out silhouettes of the various Halloween icons, such as black cats, witches, and skeletons, out of construction paper. When it gets dark, your windows will take on a lovely macabre look when the light is blocked out by those eerie objects.

Simple scarecrow-type figures, topped with rubber Halloween masks, can also be effective in adding some scare factor to your front porch and lawn. Just stuff a shirt and pair of pants with straw or leaves, add the mask, and you've got an instant horror figure for just a little time, imagination, and very little money.

Jeanette Fisher helps home makers have fun decorating their homes. Free holiday decorating tips at

Home Decorating Interior Design Ideas

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Decorating Your Fireplace for a Haunting Halloween Hearth

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Halloween is more than kids and candy. It has, in the past few years, become one of the major events for which Americans decorate their homes! So here are four quick, easy, and simple Halloween decorating ideas featuring your fireplace hearth:

  • Convert a cluster of small, three to six inch pumpkins into candleholders for your fireplace mantle or hearth. With a knife, cut off each pumpkin's stem. Then, with an apple corer, remove a cylindrical core from the pumpkins. Stick a candle into each pumpkin. Use black and orange candles in your mini-pumpkin candle holders for a Halloween look or candles in yellows, burnt orange and mellow browns for an autumnal display.
  • If you are using your fireplace for gas, wood, or gel fires, Halloween appropriate andirons are both fun and functional. Black cat andirons not only hold your logs but also hold the attention of those by your fire! Each andiron features a cast iron black cat with glass eyes. With a fire going in your fireplace, the flicker of the fire through those black cat andiron's glass eyes gives a spooky but charming effect!
  • If you are not using your fireplace for fires, it is a great place for your jack-o-lantern. Since your fireplace is designed for fire, it is a super safe place for a jack-o-lantern with one or more candles inside it. Either set the jack-o-lantern on your fireplace grate or on the floor of the fireplace. Your fireplace is the visual focal point of a room, so featuring one or more lit jack-o-lanterns there can be either the total extent of your Halloween decorating or a striking main decoration.
  • If your fireplace is currently just an empty black hole, fireplace candelabra can keep it from suffering from the Black Hole Syndrome. For Halloween add orange and black candles, or candles in the shape of little pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns, or even candles shaped like candy corn! After Halloween, just change the candles and get a new look. Whenever you want the welcoming glow of firelight in your hearth without the hassle of logs, just light the candles in your fireplace candelabra. Fireplace candelabra are available not only in traditional black cast iron, but also in copper and silver tones. Some fireplace candelabra are designed to hold votive candles or tea lights if you prefer those.

Use one or more of these decorating Tricks to light up your fireplace for Halloween, and you will be delighted by the visual Treat in your hearth.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Now that the leaves on the trees are starting to change color and that familiar chill in the air can be felt, it's time to start thinking about that scariest of holidays; Halloween. Ghosts and goblins, ghouls and witches and all that candy! I don't think there is any time of year more exciting for kids than Halloween.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and “trick or treating” has become a tradition, but it's not the only one. Costume parties, haunted houses, hayrides and creepy movie festivals are all part of the weeks leading up to the big day. Here are some sof my Halloween ideas, perhaps you'll use some of them this year.

Halloween decorating does not need to be expensive, but if you want you can spend a fortune. People do everything from the most simple decoration (a pumpkin) to extravagant light shows and my favourite personal haunted houses and yards. You need to find something which matches your budget and commitment. Dollar stores have a lot of inexpensive Halloween decorations, my favourite from the dollar stores are the glow in the dark spiders and skeletons. I hang the skeletons on tree branches and they light up at night giving a spooky chill to the yard.

I like to do a couple of pumpkins on Halloween, one for each of the kids, a family effort and of course my personal masterpiece (which I usually do on the 30th after the kids have gone to bed). You can find nice pumpkin templates all around the Internet, but be sure to use a sharp knife and if the kids are young, you do the carving, but let them tell you what to cut.

Fog is another Halloween essential for me. I use two fog machines, one in the house (I hope that stuff isn't dangerous) with some windows open for ventilation and one outside to highlight whatever creepy item I feel needs it. Usually the creepy item is a 6 foot tall ghost we like to call “scary big man”. I purchased him at a garden centre and probably paid too much, but he's going on his 3rd year now and I stand by my purchase. He's totally cool!

Hay bales and corn stalks are great yard accent pieces and nothing brings out fall's creepiness better than those two items. If you live on a farm, you could even build a maze out of the bales and make the kids go through it to get to the front door.

Last but definitely not least is Halloween music. I've been building my collection for years, but for starters you can get a simple halloween sounds CD and put it on repeat. Chains, howling, screams make the young ones shake in their boots. The old ones (including parents) find it amusing but neat. I like to throw in a mix of halloween songs like monster mash and of course what Halloween would be complete without a little Danny Elfman. If you're not familiar with Mr Elfman's work, he has done soundtracks for some of the scariest movies out there. Google him and see what comes back.

So, get started early. Get the decorations up and maybe have a Halloween party too. Christmas shopping is just around the corner, so enjoy Halloween while you can. It's the chance for every grown up to act like a kid again.


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The origin of Halloween appears to date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (it was pronounced like “sow-in”)

In Gaelic culture the festival of Samhain was a celebration of the end of the harvesting season, and it sometimes is regarded as the “Celtic New Year”.  At this time, taking stock of supplies was done by ancient Celtic pagans and to slaughter livestock for the winter storage. October 31st was considered by the ancient Celtics to be the time that the earthly boundary between the living and dead blurred, and the dead could become present and ruin crops and become dangerous to the living with sickness and fear.

There were festivals held with bonfires and the use of slaughtered livestock thrown into the fire as a ritual, along with costumes  and masks worn, at an attempt to trick the evil spirits into believing they were among their own. The costumes were mostly worn by young men, dressed in white and veiled in black material or covered in materials that made them appear to be dark. Often animal heads and skins were used and they foretold of the future.

Later in history, the Romans had their own ritual regarding the line between the dead and the living and it was called Feralia, a date in late October. Over time the two were combined.

It was the Roman goddess of fruit and trees, Pomona that the “bobby for apples” derived.

Because of the Christianity move into the Celtic lands in the 800’s, the Pope designated November 1st “All Saints Day”, a day to honor martyrs and saints.  It is believed that the Pope could have been trying to replace the Celtic festival of the dead with a related but church-sanctioned holiday.

Between these two and another saints day, the name of “All Hallowmas”, (from Middle English meaning “All Saints Day), this became “Halloween” eventually. Believing that the head was the most powerful part of the body and containing the spirit knowledge, the Celts used the larger vegetables to carve faces or the dead, to frighten off the evil spirits.

In today’s North America the “Pumpkin” is the most readily available large vegetable in the season and therefore used for the holiday.

Over time commercialism has been the cause of the different types of costumes and gore associated with Halloween.  Horror movies, vampires, skeletons, and even costuming in princesses and devils. The children “trick or treat” in the evening of Halloween as a part of the ritual. Elements of the autumn season, such as pumpkins, corn husks, scarecrows and others are also widely recognized for this holiday. Homes are decorated with these types of Halloween icons every year.

Halloween spans thousands of years from many cultures it comes mainly from belief that the dead and living have their own realms to live in and line should not be crossed. The rituals were mainly to protect livestock and food resources and then to continue the hearth fire for the winter season.

Written by: P. Dale Henson

Sources for dates and definitions: and Wikipedia

Halloween Decorating Ideas on a Dime

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Every summer the retail stores start to roll out their Halloween items. You can't help but to be drawn to some of the items to decorate your home. Every year it seems that the stuff is better than the year before. You can't help but to think, “What will they think of next?”

You can decorate your entire home in orange and black including your bathroom. You have so many decorating options. You can go with just pumpkins and leave your decorations up a little longer than just until Halloween, or you can go with the spooky ghost, witch, and goblins theme. It probably depends on the age of your children and what your parents did as a kid.

Find orange and black placemats for your dining room table. Then place a large clear bowl in the middle of the table. Fill the bottom up with black marbles and find some orange floating Halloween candles to light. Find some medium size spiders, bats, and ghost that you can hang over the top of your kitchen table with fishing line at varying heights. You could also stretch fake spider webs from each item over your table for an added detail. Sprinkle orange and black confetti around your table. Orange and black cups can be purchased at Wal-Mart for just a few dollars. Or you can use clear glasses and drink orange soda.

If you have a bunch of one item, like a bunch of pumpkins, ghost, witch, etc., group them together on a table. First lay down some lights on the table. You could choose orange, clear, black, or purple. Then stretch out spider web over the top of the lights. Place your items on the top. To have varying heights on your table, place some white styrofoam under the everything to raise certain items up higher than others.

Change out as many light bulbs that you can to orange ones. It is festive and will set the Halloween mood. Don't forget to light a lot of candles. You can buy in-expensive decorations at the dollar store, you may just need to spice them up a little. A good way to purchase in-expensive items is purchase them in a lot on Ebay or shop the after Halloween sales and save them for the next year. It is like Christmas when you get to drag out all of your new items out of the attic. You won't remember what you bought and be happily surprised when you open the boxes.

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Halloween Decorating

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Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st. Generally, Halloween is related to the scarier aspects of life such as like death, magic, and mythical creatures. Ghosts, ghouls, black cats, spiders, gnomes, skeletons, demons, monsters, and the famous Dracula are among the more famous Halloween personalities.

Halloween traditional colors are black and orange. Purple, green, and red are recent additions. Pumpkins and scarecrows are the symbols of Halloween.

One of the elements used in order to make Halloween a uniquely memorable occasion is make-ups and costumes. Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns are one of the symbols of Halloween, so use a large number of carved pumpkins to decorate your Halloween party. Stenciled pumpkins will give the visitors to your party a scary feeling, as will creepy decorations.

Hang Halloween magic mirrors at the entrance of your home. Watching people get scared looking at their own terrifying reflections will be quite comic. Use dark decorations like a Halloween beacon with a pumpkin, Halloween clocks, Halloween candle holders, and Halloween wreaths for creepy Halloween parties. Use Halloween flags and banners in front of the party hall.

Decorate your car with Halloween stickers, posters, and symbols. Display all spooky Halloween toys in a table. Glue all the scary Halloween photographs in a frame, and hang it in the centre of the party hall. Decorate and light up your party with Halloween lights. Play Halloween music and videos that give off a spooky effect.

Arrange Halloween games like 'Finding a Monster', 'Make a Mummy', 'Halloween Pictionary,' and 'Build a Monster' for kids and adults to boost the enthusiasm of the participants and to enhance the enjoyment at the party.

The Internet has an incredible number of Halloween decorating ideas. A number of websites offer useful and unique decorating ideas for your Halloween party.

Nicely decorated Halloween parties will make the experience memorable not only for your visitors, but for you as well.

Decorating provides detailed information on Decorating, Home Decorating, Bedroom Decorating, Bathroom Decorating and more. Decorating is affiliated with Web Site Design.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

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One thing that most everyone looks forward to during this time of year is decorating your home for the Christmas holidays. This is the time of year when you can let your personality and talents shine through. You can decorate your home anyway you desire with as little or as many decorations as you desire. Home decorating for Christmas is fun and exciting and something the whole family can do together.

One area of the home that does not always get the attention it deserves during the holidays is the kitchen area. This is the time of year when your entire family and friends gather together to enjoy meals or snacks while reminiscing about happy fun times you have shared in the past. Since the kitchen is one of the main rooms used during this holiday it is only right that you decorate it accordingly. Of course, the table will be the main attraction so you want to make sure you concentrate on it first.

When decorating your kitchen table you need to start with a gorgeous Christmassy tablecloth. This is used to set the stage for the rest of the decorations. Next, place an evergreen basket centerpiece in the middle of the table filled with fresh fruit. Use your place mats with a holiday design at each setting with decorative Christmas napkins placed at each side. There are many towels and dishcloths with beautiful Christmas designs that will look wonderful and candles add a great touch that can enhance the mood as well.

Remember, Christmas designs do not necessarily mean everything has to be covered with Santa clause, Christmas trees and snowmen. Winter season colors are a great choice that brightens up the table and enhances all the other accessories in your kitchen. There are many greens, yellows, reds and prints available that will look stunning. You can even have matching tablecloths and curtains.

This is also the time of year to use the towels and dishes that you had stored away all year with the Christmas designs on them just waiting for the holidays to arrive. When you decorate the kitchen every room in your home can have a touch of the holiday spirit.

Add a few garlands around the top of your cabinets to help enhance the other decorations and it is always a great idea to have Christmas music softly playing in the background to set the mood. Have fun decorating!

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content. She has also authored her own books and works as a consultant to other writers, Internet marketers and Internet businesses.

Lisa Mason, Professional wordsmith for hire: gamer, wife, mother, entrepreneur, published poet, co-owner of game guides company (, public speaker and Internet business consultant. You can learn more or follow Lisa's blog from her website:

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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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By James Watts

Few things are more thrilling for a trick-or-treater than walking up to a house detailed with ghastly Halloween decorations. Whether you use complicated props like swooping ghosts, or simple, classic decorations, like glowing jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, and indian corn, your house will delight visitors. A haunted yard, complete with fun Halloween decorations, makes a fine setting for outdoor parties in good weather, as well.

Plan out your outdoor Halloween decor. Choosing a theme makes it easier to chose decorations, and is generally more effective. Transform your front lawn into an old, foggy graveyard, a fortune teller’s lair, or a mad scientist’s lab.

Themes are easier to work with, but don’t let that stop you from throwing in whatever appeals to you, and mixing things up. It helps to lay out your design on paper, to get an idea of what will go where. If you are using pranks and gags, try to set them up where guests will have to walk past them to be surprised by them.

There are some very realistic yard props out there, available for purchase form Halloween specialty stores, home decoration stores, and online Halloween shops. Foam-filled rubber sculptures of ghouls clawing their way out of the grave are very effective. Some other prop ideas are: bloody body parts, grave stones, glowing skulls, gargoyles, and faux-dungeon doors. Yard decoration kits are available, too.

With some time and creativity, you can make your own outdoor Halloween decorations out of relatively cheap supplies. Make gravestones out of cardboard or foam. Craft ghosts out of white fabric, and hang them from the trees. The possibilities are endless!

James writes for Ghoulish Halloween, a site that tries to entertain and inform on the traditional and fun of Halloween.

Ghoulish Halloween can help you find great Halloween costume ideas as well as Halloween party ideas and home decorations to help your Halloween Party go with a bang.

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