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Halloween is a fun excuse to decorate your house and yard for the season. Whether you go for fun or scary, there are lots of ways to make your home festive for the holiday. The kids will all love coming to your house to see the decorations, and you can even involve your own children in helping to plan and decorate. Here are some easy yard decorations you can use to give your home a holiday feel.

- Fake cobwebs. This is a cheap and easy way to add some ambience to the scene. Fake spider webs are usually made from loosely bound white cotton that you can pull in any direction. Start by taping or tacking one down one end, then stretch the cobweb in two directions to form a triangle shape. The cobwebs work best in corners, over a part of a window, or on the front porch. You can add a few black plastic spiders to the webs to give it an even more realistic effect.

- Fake tombstones. Tombstones are an easy way to turn your front yard or flower garden into a makeshift graveyard. You can buy “stones” made out of wood or vinyl, which come attached to a stick so you can simply push them into the ground. Usually the tombstones have names of monsters or other scary names, and include funny epitaphs. You can make your own tombstones out of plywood and paint too.

- Reusable fake carving pumpkins. These are a relatively new invention, and they make a great Halloween decoration because they can be used every year. The pumpkins are made out of a hard styrofoam, and are perfect for carving. The carving itself does take a little longer because the Styrofoam is harder than a real pumpkin, but the advantage is these pumpkins will never rot, and so you can keep them for next year. Also, since they are harder, it is easier to make more intricate designs without worrying about the thin areas caving in. You can buy carving design kits at many craft stores, or even find designs on line. Just make sure you use a glow stick or flashlight to light them instead of a real candle.

- Lighting. You can use a few lights to really set your display apart. The most important lighting for Halloween is up lights. You can find these at most home improvement stores, they are usually just lights designed so that the light shines upwards out the can. Strategically placing a few of these lights can have a truly dramatic effect. Place them below your cobwebs to create interesting shadows and light the spiders. They are also great in conjunction with a fog machine. You can also experiment with different colored lights, like red or orange, to give an eerie glow to some of your decorations.

- Scary music. No Halloween would be complete without some theme music. You can buy CDs that include lots of screams, organ pipes, and other scary sounds to really set the mood. If you're a little more adventurous, you can record your family making all sorts of scary noises and use your computer to create a custom CD. Set the speakers up near the front door so people get the full effect as they approach.

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