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30979Halloween Is The Holiday For Fun

Halloween is the holiday to be scary. It is the time to visit a haunted house or create your own. Some of the scariest Halloween decorations are the life sized statues of various werewolves, vampires and famous horror movie stars. Halloween is also the perfect time to enjoy candy, scary movies, eerie stories and spooky music. Plastic wax lips and shrieking candy bowls are in!

Halloween also brings out wonderful creativity in some people.

I am impressed by the array of Halloween yard decorations that I have seen displayed this year. There are pumpkin lights strung up, pumpkins in the yard and sparkling pumpkin displays. The graveyard scenes that I have seen are very scary. Some tombstones glow in the dark, for an eerie effect.

Some graveyard scenes have a family of skeletons scattered about. Some have floating ghosts stretched out or hung above the glowing tombstones. I came across a spider theme decorated house.

The large black spiders hanging everywhere on ghostly looking webs were frightening.
Some of these spiders move, scream, screech, glow and will scare the devil out of you.
Speaking of that, I also saw a ghoul scene decoration set up on the roof of a house that was terrifying. The ghoul had to be seven feet tall. The look on it’s face was very evil. I know that decoration took a lot of work to put up. The effect was worth it. I was thrilled and delighted by it. If the ghoul gives a sound, I am sure trick or treaters will be running everywhere on Halloween night!

Tricks and treats are a main part of Halloween.

I have seen some scary Halloween candy this year. There are glow in the dark candy bars and candy wrapped in finger and eyeball wrappers. The jellied candy snakes, worms, ants and various critters are cool and shocking.

When set up on a table decorated with plastic or rubber hands, feet, toes, eyeballs and spiders placed around, the candy can be a great Halloween display. You can serve up a trick of fright or surprise with your treats.

Orange and Black are the main Halloween colors. They look good together and compliment each other. They are the perfect color combo for standing out and getting attention. On streamers, lights or candy, these colors cannot be beat. Speaking of orange, I have seen some Halloween shirts being worn, in that color, that were very scary and shocking. Getting attention and causing a fright is the reason for the season.

So, take notice of the wonderful and exciting Halloween displays around you. It is the season for a delightfully good time.

Happy Halloween!

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