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When planning a party for your child, birthday or otherwise, you can make it much more interesting and fun by serving food that matches the overall theme. With a bit of recipe research, the task is probably easier than you think.

By coming up with a yummy themed party food menu, the kid’s in attendance will love the event even more.

Holiday parties are probably the easiest events to plan this type of menu around… especially Halloween. Other parties that are great choices when serving theme-related food include almost any type of character party such as Harry Potter, Barbie or Thomas the Train.

Performing an Internet search using the phrase, ‘Halloween party food for kids’ will bring up hundreds of spooky, goopy, recipes that any kid will love. Everything from chicken fingers that look like the real thing to great tasting punches that bubble and ooze.

If you want to plan a menu around Barbie or Thomas the Train, the job is even easier. A Barbie party menu can consist of dainty foods such as finger sandwiches, small pastries, fruit and cheese nibblers and anything pink, in color. (Remember, Barbie’s favorite color is pink!). Serve on Barbie themed plates and you’re good to go.

For a Thomas the Train or any other character related party, you can easily serve traditional party foods, giving them creative names that relate to the party. An example of this might be Sir Handel had dogs, toot-toot tater tots and Splatter milk shakes. You are only limited by your imagination.

Sports are an easy theme for a kid’s party, both girls and boys. If your kid loves football of course you’ll be serving hot dogs and hamburgers. But don’t stop there. Incorporate the football theme into the decorations.

Hand out nerf footballs to all the party guests and have a throwing contest. Arrange three baskets of different sizes, the first and largest about 10 feet away, the second and middle sized about 15 feet away and the last and smallest about 15 feet away. The closest basket is worth 3 points (a field goal), the middle one 6 points (touchdown) and the farthest one 8 points (touchdown and 2 point conversion.)

Another game is to play throw and catch in teams with the football. Divide the children into two equal teams. Half of each team faces each other about 20 feet apart. The first two members of each team throw the nerf football to the member of their team standing across from them. That person catches the ball – or if they miss chases after the ball – and runs to the other side. The team that has all members both catch the ball and run, wins.

Themed parties are great way to make sure your kids party is one to remember.

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