Dark Lord and Other Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

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Dark Lord costumes and other scary Halloween costume ideas. When You hear Dark Lord Costume, who do you think of? I know two villains who fit the profile. One is from the Star Wars movies and the other from Harry Potter.

Now you know which Dark Lords I am referring to, don't you. The most evil villain from Star Wars is, of course, the dark Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Once a Jedi knight himself, Darth fell to the Dark Side of the force, losing all that was once dear to him. He became, slowly, a half man half machine, who lost complete touch with his humanity. Fierce and Scary as he is, he sure makes a great Halloween costume!

There is one costume of the Dark Sith, Lord Vader, that actually has the breathing device is in it. This Star Wars Collector's Darth Vader Costume and costs way more than I would spend, but the costume is made from the same material and patterns from Lucas Studios as the costumes worn by the actors when they filmed Star Wars. So it's got to be a pretty nice looking costume. There are, thank goodness, other versions of the Darth Vader costume, that are more affordable. You can also buy all kinds of accessories to go with your costume to make it more real.

Now, who did you think of when I said Dark Lord…was it he who cannot be named? Yes, of course, I mean Lord Voldemort…Tom Riddle, evil soul-less villain from the Harry Potter movies. The monster who killed James and Lily Potter and attempted to kill little infant Harry. You can become the Dark Lord for Halloween this year.

Why do we always like the scary costumes? I don't know, but I know it's true! There is a Female Death Eater Bellatrix costume too, for those girls who want to be scary this year. There is a dementor costume as well.

Take a look at our Dark Lord Costumes, which ever one you choose. Try not to scare too many people while you are out trick or treating!

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