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Halloween is a great excuse for a party and such a fun party theme. Children love all those gruesome Halloween tales of witches and monsters and all those exciting Halloween treats! Read our Halloween party ideas for spooky Halloween decoration ideas, gruesome Halloween recipes and party food ideas, spooky party games and activities and Halloween fancy dress. But remember, Halloween is not just for kids, it is a great excuse for a spooky themed dinner party and party pieces cater for both adult and children Halloween parties.

Halloween decorations

There are lots of fun Halloween decorations for younger children that feature novelty faces and fun Halloween character designs. These are not too scary and allow you to decorate your Halloween party venue with out any terrors. Decorate with Halloween party bunting, garlands, decorative cut outs and glittery door curtains to set the perfect Halloween scene.

If you do want to create the fear factor with your Halloween decorations, an old haunted house is a great idea for your Halloween theme. Drape spider web Halloween decorations over curtains and ceiling corners — you can buy this in a spray or the plastic webbing- which is much easier and avoids the mess!. Add mini plastic spiders to make your cobwebs even more realistic. Hang a large spider Halloween decoration from the centre of the ceiling or door frame where the children will walk past. Create that old fashioned, haunted house look by bringing out some old candelabra for the table or using a chandelier style Halloween decoration to suspend from the ceiling.

Organza is always a great idea for party decoration- it can be used for so much and is so cheap!. Use black organza decoration to drape over furniture and windows to darken the room, or use a card scene setter over your window to create a Halloween night time scene. You can then add your own effects to the scene setter such as flying witches. A fun idea is to use white organza to drape over an old broom handle and place in the corner of the room, add eyes to create a ghost decoration. You could hide a fan and secretly turn it on to make the ghost appear to be moving when the kids least expect it! Record spooky Halloween noises and ask a helper to turn them on throughout the Halloween party to make them jump.

Halloween party balloons are a wonderful way of filling and decorating your room. Mix up a selection of plain green, black and white balloons for your spooky Halloween colours. Let helium balloons hang free from the ceiling and suspend plastic spider decorations from them on cotton threads (keep the thread out of reach). Create balloon archways, clusters and columns to fill the Halloween party with spooky characters like our pumpkin and spider balloons.

The garden is a great playground for a Halloween party. Remember to ask the parents in the party invite to bring some warm clothes. Don’t plan to stay out too long and promise some warm treats when they come back inside. With some pre-planning you can have some spooky Halloween surprises ready for them. Suspend mini lanterns in the trees and pumpkin lanterns around the garden. Ask some friends to secretly dress up and hide – you could have a witch serving toffee apples, a skeleton jumping out from a pile of fallen leaves. Suspend chocolate spiders in fake cobwebs from tree branches. Put some hidden Halloween treats around for them to find.

Halloween party food ideas

halloween themed party food

Transform normal simple party food into a gruesome Halloween food feast by labelling your food with Halloween themes: sausages on sticks become ‘giants fingers’, spaghetti with tomato sauce ‘worm broth’, sandwiches cut into pointed triangles ‘witches and wizards hats’, guacamole or mushy peas ‘slime dip’, Candy floss – without the food colouring ‘spiders cobwebs’. Use Halloween cookie cutters to create shaped cookies, sandwiches, cheese and pizza.

jack’o lantern toasted marshmallows

Before your party create a jack o lantern with a large but shallow shaped pumpkin. For this purpose cut the top of the lantern off slightly lower than your normal lanterns. The marshmallows will be toasted on the heat from the votive or tea light candle in the pumpkin and so make the pumpkin as shallow as you can with still enough room for your Jack O’ lantern face. Once you have cut off the top use a knife and large spoon to scrape out the inside of your pumpkin (don’t throw this away- see below for a great pumpkin recipe). Draw a face on the pumpkin- the larger and simpler the features the better, and cut around your template. As the children will be sat around the pumpkin you may want to have a face on the front and the back of the pumpkin. Sit the children around the pumpkin and get them to toast their marshmallows on bamboo skewers. Watch over them as they do this as hot runny marshmallow can burn a child’s lips if they eat it too quickly.

witches Halloween brew

Mix a small amount of green food colouring with whipped cream and serve on top of hot chocolate- a great treat after they have been Halloween trick or treating or been exploring outdoors. Serve with some Halloween shaped cookies.

Halloween toffee apple recipe;

For 10 children you will need:

- 10 small apples

- 10 Wooden skewers

- 900g Sugar

- 50 ml of water

- 80ml glucose syrup

- 1 tea spoon of red food colouring

Push skewer three-quarters of the way into each apple at the stem end. Combine the sugar, water, glucose and colouring in a medium sized, heavy based pan. Stir over heat, without boiling, until sugar is dissolved. Boil, uncovered, without stirring, for about 20 minutes or until the mixture reaches ‘crack stage’ (test by dropping a teaspoon of the syrup into a cup of cold water: if it sets and can be cracked almost immediately, it is ready.) Remove syrup from the heat, stand pan in baking dish of hot water for about 1 minute or until bubble subside. Remove the pan from the water; tilt pan. Dip and rotate each apple slowly in the syrup until completely coated. Twirl apple around a few times so it begins to set slightly before you set it down. Place onto a greased oven tray to set.

grave digger halloween pudding

Chocolate ice cream topped with green jelly, with jelly worms and bone shaped meringues.

halloween pumpkin party dip recipe

Use your left over pumpkin from your lanterns to create a tasty party dip. Simply whip together the insides of 1 large pumpkin (remove seeds), 2 packs of cream cheese. If you have not used your pumpkin shell for a lantern, serve your dip in it!

spider halloween cupcakes

Create Halloween spider cupcakes using black icing, 8 short liquorice sticks around the circumference for legs and round sweets as two eyes.

halloween party games />

Pass the parcel with a scary twist – use scary Halloween prizes.

5. Halloween pumpkin piñata

Choose a fabulous Halloween piñata shape for your piñata game.

6. Halloween thriller dance

Organise some simple dance moves before the Halloween party. Make these dance moves Halloween themed. Such as asking them to move their arms like Frankenstein, move backwards and forwards like a zombie, dance in a circle like goblins. Add other simple dance moves such as twirling round on the spot and touching there toes and jumping in the air. Keep the routine simple and short then ask them to repeat the routine over and over until the song finishes. Teach these moves to the children at the party – this is fun in itself as they get used to the dance and have a practise. When everyone is ready, put on the Halloween music (we recommend Michael Jackson’s Thriller) and get them to dance for you. Video the routine and let the children watch themselves afterwards. This Halloween activity is likely to cause great excitement and giggles!! It will look spectacular if the children are all dressed up in Halloween fancy dress.

Halloween party bags plastic snakes, snake jelly sweets, eye ball poppers, stretchy skeletons. You could even give out toffee apples at the end of the night as their home time Halloween gifts.

halloween fancy dress costumes

Halloween fancy dress costumes are easy to make and some black organza will go a long way to creating your own Halloween fancy dress costume. You can use organza to create a witch fancy dress costume by cutting a hole for the child’s head and then tying a belt around their middle. You can make card board witches hats and cover them in the organza. Use organza to make wizard or vampire fancy dress capes. Create a bat fancy dress costume by fastening the bottom corners of the cape to the child’s hands, cut out mini semi circle shapes from the bottom of the cape to create the bat wing effect. Halloween fancy dress accessories such as fangs and witches fingers give the finishing touches. Don’t forget face paints- a must at any Halloween party!

the origins of Halloween

Halloween originated in Ireland as a harvest festival to ward of bad spirits that the locals believed caused their bad crops and livestock disease. To do this the villagers would dress up in fancy dress costumes at their harvest festival to mimic the evil spirits and pacify them. Pumpkin lanterns were made from the harvested vegetables to protect a person and place from negativity and the evil spirits. At the harvest festival fun games were played with the harvested crop such as apple bobbing and snap apple. Children would ‘trick or treat’ around the village gathering treats for the festival. These traditions were taken to America with the Irish immigrants and subsequently merged with an American pagan festival called All-Hallow-even. From this Halloween was born.

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