Halloween Bat crafts- Get Your Hands On Them Now!

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Halloween Bat crafts- Get Your Hands On Them Now!

Bats are the most popular symbols of Halloween and if you are planning on creating your own Halloween decorations, Halloween bat crafts are the easiest options. Like all other craft projects, Halloween bat crafts are as easy as you want them to be. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Using a egg carton is the easiest way of making a Halloween bat craft. First, cut out three adjacent egg cups together from the carton. Then, to make wings, cut the front portion of the outside egg cups. On the egg cup in the center, draw a face. Then, punch a hole at the top and pull a string or thread through it in order to hang it from the wall or anywhere you please. You can make it even more fancy by spray painting the bat black and pasting googly eyes on it for more effect.

Another suggestion for Halloween bat crafts would be to make a huge bat and hang it on your trees outside. First, take a huge black plastic garbage bag and a 2 litre empty soda bottle. Wrap the black bag around the soda bottle using black electric tape for making the bat’s body. In order to make the bat’s ears, punch two plastic bunches near the cap of the bottle and tie a rubber band around it.

Next, cut out fangs from the white plastic lid and tape it in place while affixing the eyes using red dot stickers. Take another trash bag, cut it open, and lay it flat. Cut bat wings out of this. Then, lay the wings flat and place a stick like a kabab stick right above the wing. Use electric tape to attach the stick to the three projecting points of the wings. Repeat the same procedure for the second wing and then careful stick both the wings to the body of the bat.

Just place the sticks across the tree branches in order to hang the bat. You secure the bat in place by using electric tape too in case you feel it is too windy or that the bat might fly away. You yard will be the scariest yard in the neighborhood if you hang these huge bats outside your house.

For other Halloween bat crafts you should search online. All you need to do is search for Halloween bat crafts on google and you will be met with a range of crafts that you can easily make for this occasion. So why wait? Collect your craft items and make your yard the most popular yard in your neighborhood for Halloween.

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