Halloween Yard Decorations 2009

September 27, 2010 by admin  
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This is done with a Light O Rama controller and 32 channels of lighting, LED spot lights.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Halloween Decorations
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to “Halloween Yard Decorations 2009”
  1. klpeekl2000 says:

    Such an amazing display but why did you use that crappy soundtrack!!!!! Haha

  2. jojovaliente says:

    Hi! Awesome display. Was your chiller home made or from online? How much wattage was your fog machine? And what type brand if possible? I’ve made a home made chiller last year buy it wasn’t quite as good of an out put as yours. Any help would be great! I’m already prepping up for this year. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  3. peaceandloveinaction says:

    @ProfessorEggflesh Yeah this is one of the only reasons I would ever consider homeownership lmao.

  4. xxxKillico says:

    thats totally bad ass! i thought my yard was good but this is amazeing! haha

  5. DJJMeJaim says:

    Awesome! It’s great to see other people whom enjoy the holiday as much as I do!I see we’re using the “Martha Stewart Halloween Soundtrack” – a favorite of mine as well lol. Check out my vids of handmade decorations, displays and props, they may give you some new ideas for this year. These are all from last year, but I’ll have some new “things” up soon.

  6. ProfessorEggflesh says:

    What, me jealous? YES! Very inspiring!

  7. halloweenkid14 says:

    how much was your Light O Rama?

  8. pinkshoekid21 says:

    id keep that shit up year round :D

  9. baltierrabojorquez12 says:

    i love this halloween idea so much but i bet it was really expensive whit all the programs and stuff

  10. evilportrait says:

    Awesome job! I love fog!

  11. CenterStCemetery says:

    Awesome! You definitely NEED to post some videos of your progress with the haunt!

  12. johnmelvinhamilton says:


  13. Barrygohean says:

    This is Awesome. We are already getting ready for our yard haunt. My buddy bought a hearse. We can’t wait for Halloween. This is giving me some great ideas. Where did you get the halloween screams.

  14. JHMDF says:

    Friggin Fantastic

  15. j3strs says:

    Hi, thanks. Yes, a chiller is a must-have with fog. It is a variation of the trash can chiller, and this is probably 10-20% of its output capacity. I’m always afraid of turning it up and creating a safety hazard on the road!

  16. BrettWeir007 says:

    I love the lighting and the thunder and lightning effect. Awesome job.

    Nice fog btw, did you use a chiller?

  17. 91mustangcoupe81 says:

    Nice setup

  18. Abductions says:

    soooo cool

  19. summer1582 says:

    Great job! I love your decorations. Very cool!

  20. Christiandude93 says:

    Looks very scary! :D

  21. evilportrait says:

    Sure, it’s a little crowded, but it still looks creepy!

  22. bristarr55 says:

    i had a guy i lived bye his house was really scary but after he killed himself im not jokin he hung himself in his basement it was in my news paper and may he rest in peace

  23. jonzilba says:

    i have the same gothic gate great stuff

  24. kablary says:

    “Less is more” depends entirely on the circumstance. In yard haunts [like this one, that ideal doesn't apply. In home haunts [like my own] however, it does come into play frequently. But even then going overboard is a sometimes a good idea ;]

  25. summer1582 says:

    very kool!

  26. ChuluotaChick says:

    Very cool! Less is more is for wimps! I think you did great!!! We’ve been talking about adding a guillotine to our display for years. I’m sending your link to my hubby so he can make plans. ;)

  27. randallcooksey says:

    Check out Randall Cooksey’s Zombie-O-Rama on YouTube. This video is awesome!

  28. gregvil says:

    very cool and you cant have too much stuf!

  29. Szemansco says:

    why does everyone forget the most important rule LESS IS MORE

  30. Abductions says:

    i love it!!!!
    i buy new stuff every year!
    to add to my collection of halloween decor!!
    i decorate my house soo much!!

  31. rahrah029 says:

    Hey, thanks! My husband built the guillotine for me, it’s made of scrap wood we had laying around. Thanks for looking and for the comment/rating!

  32. IFeelHappy says:

    WoW! That is a very scary yard you make my yard look kid friendly.Where on earth did you get a guillotine?