How to Make Halloween Cupcakes – Easy and Fun Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

September 18, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Halloween Party Food . How to make easy and fun Halloween Cupcakes that look like pumpkin faces. See how to get the icing color right, how to prepare the mix and have fun decorating your Halloween cupcakes. You can use sparkle gel, toppers and food coloring in your frosting. Happy Halloween!
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If yourlooking for scary Halloween decorations, learn all the various ways to use the Halloween corpse that you have just constructed in this free Halloween props video. Expert: The Mad Scientist Contact: Bio: The Mad Scientist has been creating props and effects for haunted houses, theater and film for over 20 years. Filmmaker: Samuel Thompson
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 Responses to “How to Make Halloween Cupcakes – Easy and Fun Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas”
  1. CassieNJennasAccount says:

    those look sooo good maybe i will try them soon, i love to bake

  2. TalkGirlVlog says:

    @khmerbeauty123 they used Betty Crocker’s frosting!!I use it everytime i make cupcakes,and it tastes amazing!!!!!I highlty recommend Betty Crocker’s!:)

  3. fitforafeast says:

    @Cakez559 The color comes out better if you use a mixer to blend it in.

  4. fitforafeast says:

    @OrtegaAngel1 Sure – it doesn’t matter what brand you use – we like to use chocolate or white cake mix with a bit of orange food coloring to make the colors halloween colors – but you can make them any way you want.

  5. OrtegaAngel1 says:

    can you use fiffrent kinds of cake batter?

  6. Cakez559 says:

    why didnt you put the red and yellow dye in the container?? but great job my cuzins n i are gonna try these thx

  7. whjbf99 says:

    both sounds so professional!!
    good job!!

  8. fitforafeast says:

    I think we used Duncan HInes – but you can use any type.

  9. khmerbeauty123 says:

    what brand of icing did u use?

  10. asti1234598 says:

    very nice! =)

  11. michelle13579123 says:

    ….. u have adult supervision?….oh watever that was such a great recipie!!!

  12. yanisha365 says:

    Thhx i can use that for my halloween party thxx so much ! :D

  13. partycrafts says:

    They look easy to make & yummy!

  14. 1cousteau says:

    That is totally cool! I am going to make those for my party! Thanks!

  15. coolkarime89 says:


  16. 23michaella says:

    yah, those cupcakes look so good i just want to eat every single one that is made. The frosting looks so good and creamy and i saw you katrina i think that is your name right?, anyway, i saw u sneak that chocolate chip into your mouth. ha ha! LOL!!!! I would have done the same exact thing. I am having a halloween party and i am making those!!!!! Thanks for the tips and directions!!!!! I love the fit for a feast channel…………………………………..yayyyyyyy yayayayayayayyayyayayayyayy

  17. thechocolateaddict says:

    you’re so awesome, thanks for the great tips !!!!

  18. qcages says:

    @stargazntreki It’s a video series, and you are watching the last video…… Not hard to figure out.

  19. qcages says:

    @drummerdude712 It’s a series, and you are watching the last video. Not that hard to figure out…..

  20. katieducky23 says:

    @drummerdude712 he did tell u how. those idiots made them all into separate videos….26 separate videos..

  21. djuziduzi says:


  22. joelglopez says:

    Any one who put’s his CREATIVITY, together enough to
    actually follow through and make a movie is a
    WINNER,excellent! …wow!..the joy of Halloween. .A Haunted house experience
    is the best!…if you are into it, Definitely check this out!
    it’s a movie on you tube called, ENTER DOMAIN HOUSE .
    it’s a must see,creepy and scary,as well as haunting.
    “SEE FOR YOURSELF!”…{a ghost}

  23. darryldgf says:


  24. HulkWWE123 says:

    now i dont want to hang it up of do i stand it up in like my front yard ?

  25. JakeEatsBrains2 says:

    he tells you how to make it in the 25 previous videos in the playlist feed, dumbass.

  26. drummerdude712 says:

    wow thx for telling me how dick head!!!!

  27. UltimaMan1 says:

    how about ZABUMAFU!

  28. fastcat32 says:

    colin, coffin, why not?

  29. HipHopRapCrap21 says:


  30. lilmizcrackhore says:


  31. fiwaszewski says:


  32. painsey says:

    what about den or colin?

  33. tanndox says:

    this is good better then some in the halloween store’s
    to bad i bought 1 of the cheep ones before i saw this

  34. les2amies says:

    I like joe

  35. TheGangstergirl11 says:

    love my mom

  36. horselover100abb says:

    we could name it fred, bob or joe

  37. con46yk says:

    the corpse should have a name. let’s give a name to the corpse. it would be nice. :D

  38. unhacker says:

    dumbass village

  39. ozzycriss says:


  40. ROBERTSTEPHENS24 says:

    awesome work

  41. robocop106 says:

    He has several videos on how to make different parts of it, just go to his youtube page and check it out!

  42. etwslayer says:

    he is showing you how to make it if you look in the other videos in the expert village channel