Inexpensive and Simple Outdoor Halloween Decorating

September 20, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Halloween Yard Decorations

A look at quick and easy and inexpensive cemetery theme outdoor Halloween decorating. Everything cost around 0, and aside from the Mummy which I got on sale for at the annual Halloween store, everything was bought at Target and Party Fair.. When I get 500 subscribers, I’ll have a free give-away contest, open to anyone anywhere in the world, so please subscribe! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND RATE! http All items shown here were bought by me for my personal use.
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6 Responses to “Inexpensive and Simple Outdoor Halloween Decorating”
  1. thesassiwench says:

    @HectorCOUPONS I love it!

  2. maltbydude says:

    not long till halloween im exited

  3. thesassiwench says:

    @HectorCOUPONS Me too! I am trying to decide what theme I want this year!

  4. thesassiwench says:

    @MomofSassiWench He’s scary!

  5. HectorCOUPONS says:

    love it cant wait for this HALLOWEEN COMEING UP !!! :D

  6. MomofSassiWench says:

    I like the Mummy.