Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display

September 8, 2010 by admin  
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Here’s a video of our front yard this year. I’ll post another video showing how I made all of the decorations (if anyone is interested). The corpse and Mr. Pumpkinhead are paper mache, while Mr. Red is mostly hot glue. We still have to put up some spider web and the day before Halloween, we always put out the fog machine…it adds the right feel to Halloween night. Hope you enjoy.

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25 Responses to “Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display”
  1. Yewtoobnube says:

    @jobro4203 Well, hopefully you’ve enjoyed the yard and the halloween candy!

  2. Yewtoobnube says:

    @ericl20001 Thank you for commenting. It’s appreciated!

  3. Yewtoobnube says:

    @Miss1983Mandy Well, lemme know if you put up a vid. Love to check it out.

  4. Yewtoobnube says:

    @MyLittleGreenThumb LOL. Well, I don’t know about talented. I’ll just say I enjoy doing it for the neighborhood kids. They like it. You are too kind….I really appreciate the post! Happy Halloween!!!

  5. MyLittleGreenThumb says:

    you MADE all of that??? You are talented!!! You should work for Universal Studios or something. Great job!

  6. ericl20001 says:

    very nice work, I love homemade projects like those,,thanks for the video

  7. mydollstuff says:

    Very creepy and very cool! I like it that you made most of it too.

  8. stewie100 says:

    this is very creative, and as someone who is artistic myself, i can really say this is an awesome work of art you did. very creepy, and halloween is my favorite holiday. i’m so glad halloween is coming up, and thanks to your creations i’m excited for it now.

  9. Miss1983Mandy says:

    @Yewtoobnube BTW ~ Do you happen to have a facebook? :)

  10. Miss1983Mandy says:

    @Yewtoobnube Oh it’s a deal :) I’m actually having a Halloween costume party this year. So I’ll deffinately be taking some videos of decorations and maybe even the party itself. Now let’s just hope I can figure out how to get the video on youtube! haha

  11. jobro4203 says:

    omg you live by me

  12. Yewtoobnube says:

    @Miss1983Mandy Awe, you’re too kind! I appreciate your enthusiasm! I checked and you have no uploads. IF you decide to put up a video of your place on Halloween….holler at me so that I can check it out! Deal?? Thanks again. Very nice of you! (I subscribed to ya incase you upload a vid!)

  13. Miss1983Mandy says:

    @Yewtoobnube Nooooo you HAVE to keep doing it ! LOL Gotta keep the Halloween spirit alive! I only wish my husband was as into it as I am :( Don’t get me wrong, it’s so much fun planning, decorating & being creative ~ but having someone who’s just as into it as you are makes it all the more better! Try selling some of your homemade decorations on ebay. That will give ya more room and more money to do MORE stuff!! haha Keep on haunting my friend.

  14. Yewtoobnube says:

    @Miss1983Mandy THANKS very much for the compliment! I appreciate it. Ya know, when the neighborhood kids enjoy the yard, that’s what makes it all worthwhile! Not sure how much longer I’ll keep it up tho…not much room to store all the stuff! Again, thanks very much for taking the time to post your comment!

  15. Miss1983Mandy says:

    I give you major credit for actually making most your own decorations. I know how much work it is and a lot of the time it goes unappreciated. Absolutely love Mr. Pumpkin Man! Very creative and creepy!

  16. Yewtoobnube says:

    @TheDapa4por The mummy was printed on a thin plastic sheet. I taped it up into the inside of the window. I think I paid about $15 for it. Thanks for commenting!

  17. TheDapa4por says:

    Is the mummy something you put over the window that looks 3D or did you make him? Love your yard!!!!

  18. Yewtoobnube says:

    @Halloweenobsessed1 Hey, thanks a lot for the compliment! I really appreciate it!

  19. Halloweenobsessed1 says:

    LOVE your yard!! I wish I could “trick or treat” at your house. Awesome job. Happy Halloween!! ^v^

  20. Yewtoobnube says:

    @cultclassicnerd Thanks very much for the compliment! Appreciate it!

  21. cultclassicnerd says:

    Awesome how ya’ll make all ya’ll props!!

  22. DJJMeJaim says:

    Awesome! It’s great to see other people whom enjoy the holiday as much as I do! Check out my vids of handmade decorations, displays and props, they may give you some new ideas for this year. These are all from last year, but I’ll have some new “things” up soon.

  23. Yewtoobnube says:

    @waynelaquet Thanks for commenting! You’re right….Halloween is right around the corner!

  24. waynelaquet says:

    You got some cool props!Look like you put some time in them.I’ve seen the mummy on sites,now I want one that I seen how good it looked at your house!!! Happy Halloween,better hurry,were runnin outta time!!!

  25. Yewtoobnube says:

    @lisamariemary You are very welcome.