Fog Chiller Graveyard Display Ground Fog Halloween Yard Haunt Demo

October 18, 2010 by admin  
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Standard quality video. My latest practical example of how the 48qt Igloo Ice Cube Cooler DIY Fog Chiller with 7 lbs of ice, a 400W Gemmy fog machine, a Pseudo Venturi inlet pipe and trash bag on the outlet performed in a yard in 60 degree rainy weather in a small open Yard Haunt graveyard display set-up. Once again the trash bag on the outlet was used to not just spread the fog out a little more but mainly to create back pressure in the chiller, slow the velocity and make the fog lay lower or linger more. The fog machine timer was set to 2 oclock on the burst duration dial and 30 seconds on the interval dial. Note how the fog lays low at the beginning of the night. Then the wind starts up and pushes the chilled fog to the side. It still creates a nice Halloween graveyard atmosphere. At 4:45 min shows a test without the trash bag on the outlet in heavy wind with two tombstones set-up to contain the fog and block the wind to a degree. At 6:25 I added footage showing the inside of the fog chiller set-up from a previous video to show what I was using in this one. Note that with a larger chiller and higher wattage fog machine the effect would cover a larger area more quickly. Video shot Monday Night Oct 22, 2007. See my other videos for more Yard Haunt and Fog Chiller how-to’s. Note: When handling hardware cloth which is used to make the ice tray, wear work gloves. It can be sharp. And when constructing anything new with tools remember safety first. I may upload videos of
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