Throwing the Ultimate Adult Halloween Party

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Throwing the Ultimate Adult Halloween Party

Now that fall is beginning to draw very near you can’t help but to start thinking about not only the beauty of fall but about the fun and excitement of Halloween as well. If you looking to really get n the ghoulish spirit this year and planning to throw a Halloween party there are a number of things that you should start thinking about now. An adult Halloween party s even harder to throw than one for kids because there is so much more to offer adults in the way of refreshments, games, spookiness, and food than there is for children. If you plan your adult party right though you will have fun doing it and you and your guests will have a great time at your party. Listed in order of priority are the things that you should start thinking about now in order to get them just right.

Refreshments – Refreshments are the most important part of any party but regarding a Halloween party the refreshments can also count as part of the decorations as well. You will want to have drinks, both with and without alcohol, to serve to your guests. In order to make the party a little more festive you can serve drinks in Halloween cups and goblets and you can also make Halloween themed drinks. There is an endless supply out there of spooky, slimy, and creepy looking drinks that would be perfect so decide on your theme and then you can likely find a drink that fits in well with it. Another idea is to make ice cubes in various Halloween shapes to be used in the drinks. Finally, if you want to get really creative with refreshments you can make jello shots using Halloween molds such as ghosts, witches, pumpkins, bats, or any other spooky character.

Decorations – The decorations for your party will be the next important thing because since it’s a Halloween party you want your home to really look like its Halloween. You décor should start on the outside of the home so that as soon as guests arrive they know their in for some fun. Pumpkins, ghosts in the trees, lights, screaming door mats, strobe lights, and spooky yard ornaments are all great outdoor decorations that will welcome your guests. And if you start buying decorations early you’ll get a huge selection to choose from to.

Food – Food is the next most important part of your party and just like the refreshments the food should be festive. Food should also be simple to eat while socializing in order to make the guests more comfortable. Halloween themed or orange, purple, and/or black cutlery and plates will add a simple festive touch to your food tables and there are plenty of recipes to choose from for Halloween goodies.

Having a Halloween party is fun and planning is fun to but you want to plan it just right so that your guests can have fun to. And if you do it will be your Halloween party that everybody is talking about for years to come.

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Halloween Party Games

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Halloween Party Games

Halloween party games should carry a spooky theme to entertain all participants. This is how the many games available for you to play at the occasion are. Halloween is a very important and grave celebration which is planned months in advance to achieve the most fascinating party that can kill anyone. You get to think of various ideas as you put your thinking cap on. The celebration is meant to bring out creativity and at the same time seek to scare as many people as possible to experience the ultimate fun. Perhaps the most outstanding feature about a Halloween party are the costumes which can be used to play many Halloween party games.

Halloween party games are many and they include the following word scramble, eyeball hunt game, zombie game, pumpkin passing game, memory game, Halloween feel box and the list goes on. One of the most interesting games to play is the zombie game and it involves the participants lying down motionless acting as zombies and one person will do all it takes to have them smile or wiggle without touching them. The zombie that will be the hardest to impress will win the game. You will realize that games come in many categories and there are those meant for children. There are Halloween party games that will be played by adults and bring so much fun to the party. Therefore, get to study  particular games well so that you can fully be entertained by it.

You can also think of a game and include it at a Halloween party. Your game must make sense and manage to entertain majority of the attendants. Some of the greatest games are brought fourth by ordinary people who have a keen interest to please people. Also, you can add a twist to the already existing games for more fun at the party. While doing this, do not make the game dull but, more interesting. Another game that is going to add some black sizzle to your haunted party is the Halloween memory game. It is a fun game that will test the memories of your guests. You will put some items on a tray and let your party mates study them for around 30 seconds. Then, remove the items and everyone will write down the items they remember.

The person who remembers most of the items will get to walk away as the champion. This game is also good for the overall memory of children because it stimulates their memory faculties and they can get to remember things more often. Do not include Halloween party games that are dangerous for your party and this means that they might be a bit extreme. Keep games for children very light so that they can have fun in the most natural way. Before you go ahead with any game, know the rules that are involved. This will enable you correct somebody who may have done contrary to the stipulated rules even if they know how the game is played.

Peter Gitundu is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and Reporting on Party Ideas for Years. For More Information on Halloween Party Games, Visit His Site at HALLOWEEN PARTY GAMES You Can Also Post Your Views About Halloween Party Games On My Blog Here HALLOWEEN PARTY GAMES

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Ideas for a Kids Halloween Party

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Ideas for a Kids Halloween Party

Well, the time has come again. We’ve hit the end of August, so summer is over and I guess my son feels he needs to have something to look forward to. And that’s not going back to school. So as we sit and chat about what we are going to do the last couple of days before school starts, he pops up with, “mommy, can I have another Halloween party this year. Yes, you heard me right, he is already asking about Halloween. On one hand I can’t believe what I’m hearing, however, on the other hand I too love Halloween. Actually our whole family loves Halloween. My two kids actually talk about what they are going to ware throughout the whole year. And as soon as the stores come out with Halloween stuff we’re there.Back to the party, I say “ok lets have a Halloween party”. We sit down and make a list of guests. I’m fortunate as a lot of my sons friends, their parents are friends of mine, so I get have have a little party of my own as well. And some help as well. Once we have our list done, we talk about the costumes. We have to have this little talk, as we had a Halloween party two years ago, and a lot of the little guests wore costumes that had accessories with them. And as we all know, the accessoies these days may not be appropriate to have at a kids Halloween party with 20 of them running around. So I say “there will be no kind of weapons allowed” and of course I get the ahhhhhhh. But that’s where it ends. We talk about what we should have to eat and drink and decorations. OH decorations now that is the fun part. Now we can hardly wait until the end of September. We’ll make up same invitations, or you can buy them, and well give them out to the guests. We’ll decorate the house the last weekend is September. Yes, I said “We’ll” the whole family gets involved, it’s actually turns into a great day, you’re spending time together and preparing for something that you all enjoy. I know you’re probably thinking on my gosh that’s early. My feeling is, if you’re going to take all that time to decorate you should enjoy it for awhile. So out comes the decorations for inside the house and out. Oh yes, you have to decorate the outside as well. That’s one of the best parts.When the day arrives we’ll have some kid appropriate music, some yummy “scary” snacks, and games to play. I’ll only plan a few things for them to do, because as we all know, they’ll just want to hang out and make their own fun. We’ll have pizza, and blood punch (any kind of red juice) with Jello hands and eyeballs floating in it. Cup cakes that look like spiders, and just the usually Halloween candy. I’ll try to make it easy, in reality at this point my kids don’t really care about what they eat, they just want their friends around. Now for me and my friends. We care about the food, so I’ll make some delicious appetizers, such as my Cheddar Bacon Dip. One thing is for sure, your kids will remember your Halloween party for years to come.

Halloween Village has some great Halloween Decorating Ideas.

You can also find a Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume at Halloween


Learn how to make dirt for an earthworm cake for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla

Halloween Decorations & Treats for Parties : Tips for Decorating a Spiderweb Cake

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Easy Halloween cakes! Learn how to decorate a spider web cake in this free video clip about Halloween party ideas. Expert: Karen Weisman Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division. Filmmaker: Karen Weisman
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I show you how to make cheap halloween decorations. This was made for a collab video with Nalts.. Thought I’d stick it up here anyway. Go check out the finished collab video
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween parties are easy to make fun for everyone. The holiday is an ample opportunity to get all of your friends together

and celebrate in a different way than you are used to. Halloween parties are often held amidst decorations to a haunted house

theme. Children’s eyes light up when Halloween menu items include the likes of tomato soup changed to vampire soup, spaghetti

served up as cemetery worms, and witches fingers made of breadsticks tipped with sliced almonds. Halloween parties are my all

time favorite to throw! Both children and adults get a little scare, eat some great food and enjoy a night with friends!

Halloween parties are also organized in schools, which also arrange for several Halloween activities for toddlers. Children

are told to dress according to different characters and they all have fun in school. Halloween parties are a blast but they

require some planning to be successful. Halloween parties are still a good reason to get together with friends, and bobbing

for apples has remained a much requested game. You need to make sure your friends find their way to your house, though, and

Halloween luminaries are a frighteningly special way to do that.

Pumpkin carving is a tradition at Halloween parties for all ages. It’s a fun time of the year! We also decorate our gardens

(front) with pumpkin displays and Autumn foliage.  Caramel apples are common so why not try other dips and have a candied

apple buffet.

Decorations are a very crucial aspect for any Halloween costume party, since they set the creepy and spooky mood of your

gathering. Even so, spending too much money on skulls and candelabras is not very practical. Decorate cupcakes in a spiderweb

pattern if desired. Decorate your party room with magic wands, Daily Prophet newspapers, sparkly dust for casting charms and

spells, and anything else that reminds you of wizards, witches and magic. The drinks you serve can be called the Elixir of

Life, ordinary cherry lollipops can be transformed into Acid Pops or Blood-flavored Lollipops, and dessert sherbet balls can

be labeled Fizzing Whizbees.

Children anticipate the loot bags that you give out after the party, which is why you should provide them with goodies that

can help them remember the wonderful time they had at the party. If you had a Barbie party, put Barbie products and sweets in

the party bags. Children’s parties usually consist of fun party games, whereas adult ones are more about dancing, chatting,

socializing and drinking. Make sure you have your party planned out well in advanced. Children 3 years and younger should not

be given any string-like material that is longer than 12 inches. Close adult supervision is essential whenever children use

string-like material.

Halloween parties are just like any other parties, only that the kids are in scary costumes and the food is served in an

equally scary way. In short, a Halloween party is a themed party – and everyone is required to be in the freakiest best.

Halloween parties are also held in private homes so kids will not want to go out trick-or-treating. Halloween parties are one

of the best ways to enjoy the Halloween season. Take all the fun of the Halloween costumes and combine it with a party full

of your child’s friends.

For more great articles, questions and answers be sure to check out and find that perfect costumes.

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Top Party Food Recipes To Make Your Halloween Spectacular

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Top Party Food Recipes To Make Your Halloween Spectacular

Want to wow family and friends’ this Halloween? The trick here actually is to turn familiar food into a creepy creation yet still retaining its taste.

Using food coloring adds a fun and festive mood to ordinary foods, perfect for the Halloween. Cooking up Halloween party food recipes is not at all difficult. Whether you’re hosting a kiddie Halloween party or an eerie night for adults, the last thing you want is to bore your party guests with the same old treats.

Remember that celebrating the Halloween should be done the way it really should be: scary, spooky and mysterious. So how exactly can you make guests drool in the mouth on your party?

To begin with, start with exciting beverages for all ages. Give a little kick to your Halloween drinks by decorating it. For example, you can buy small plastic creepy crawlies like spiders, beetles or worms and top it on your drink. You can also put them in an ice cube container after filling it with water and then freezing them.

Serve it with drinks and your guests can actually see the spider through the ice cube. Make your party guests drink ‘dirty water’ too. How to do that? Just add sherbert to your lemonade. When mixed with regular lemonade, it turns into a grayish-brown color, much like dirty water. Moreover, add red food coloring to smoothies and you instantly have a drink that looks like real blood.

Now let’s move on to snacks and other Halloween party food. Perhaps the easiest way to bring out some spookiness to your treats is by making slimy jello. Depending on the kind of spook you want, you can go for popular Halloween colors such as green for goo, black for darkness or red for blood. Serve ‘brain matter’ using green jello or solidified blood with the red variety.

If you opt for another treat, you can never go wrong with cupcakes and decorate them with funky frostings or bake cookies and top them with edible decorations. Always make your decorations edible as much as possible. You don’t want to risk your party guests’ safety, especially curious kids who practically put just about anything in their mouths.

You can also surprise your guests with red, peeled grapes. How this works? Have them close their eyes and make them put their hands in the bowl. (Their hands must be clean, of course). Without saying to them what it is, tell them to just eat it. When it touches their mouth, tell them it’s animal eyeballs! Just for the fun of it! You’re bound to have a spooky night that’s going to scare up a lot of raves from your guests!

Mary is a food Lover! You can check out her very popular Halloween
website where he shares some of her Healthy Halloween Recipes
and Kids Halloween Recipes

Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween Party Ideas

Are you looking to throw a perfect Halloween party this year and looking for Halloween party ideas? You have come to the right place, as in this article we are going to discuss exactly what you need to do to have a perfect Halloween party.

Read this article to learn how to host your great Halloween and which Halloween party ideas we recommend for you!

Here are some of our recommendations:

- Come up with a party theme. Halloween is definitely your theme, but if you can narrow down the theme even more, you will be able to plan even better. For example, your theme can be vampires, and then you can have party food, party decor and everything else vampire-related.

You can have a witch theme, and have a bit bowl of punch, which you will call witch brew, have scary witch party decor and more. Witches are everywhere for Halloween, so this is a great party theme!

How about a pumpkin theme? Pumpkins are everywhere for Halloween, and you can throw a fabulous party with lots of pumpkins. Find lots of orange decor, use pumpkins to decorate and create lots of food, using pumpkins. This will be a great theme for your fall Halloween party.

What about ghosts and goblins? You can have a great party with lots of ghosts and goblins decorations!

- Halloween Party Food. Once you have picked out a theme, now you need to decide on food. What kind of food will you be serving at your party? What kind of food do your guests want to eat?

It would be great if your food went with your theme, as we discussed above. If you are having a pumpkin theme party, then create lots of foods with pumpkin in it.

- Halloween Party Decorations. Also, once your picked your theme you will need your Halloween party decorations. Some you can make yourself – you can create pumpkins out of orange paper, you can buy a few pumpkins and decorate them. You can create witch decorations, etc.

You can also purchase some of the decorations, especially if you do not have time for art projects and would rather someone else created your Halloween party decorations for you. You can purchase those both in stores or online, there are tons of decorations to choose from. Everything from pumpkin decorations to witch decorations, ghosts and goblins decorations and many more are available for you for your Halloween party!

Use these Halloween party ideas to create a perfect Halloween party that you and your guest will really enjoy! Get all the party supplies you need at Halloween Party Supplies at And read more about Halloween costumes and party supplies on our blog at

Halloween Party Food Ideas For Kids

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Halloween Party Food Ideas For Kids

Halloween is a great time to host a kid’s party. After all, what child doesn’t like Halloween? One of the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is the food. There are hundreds of recipes that have been specifically created for this spooky holiday. The following ideas will help you plan the yummiest menu possible.

Serve a minimum of sweet treats. You don’t want your guests suffering from ‘sugar overload’ during the party. To celebrate the occasion, serve chicken fingers with a blood (any red dipping sauce.) If you prepare them from scratch, it’s not hard to make them resembling the more human variety. Add a sliced almond for the finger nail for a realistic approach.

Another dish to try is to add equal parts red, blue, and yellow food color to spaghetti after it’s been cooked so it turns an ugly brownish color. Serve with a green pesto sauce and call it snakes in the swamp.

Make goofy eyeball meatballs. Shape seasoned ground meat into an oval with a flat top and bottom, bake until done. Cut a round circle out of mozzarella cheese about the size of a half dollar or one inch in diameter. Cut grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes into three slices. Cut black olives in half. Assemble the goofy eyeballs by placing a slice of cheese on the meatball, then a slice of tomato on the cheese and top with a black olive half. Vary the placement of the toppings so the eyeballs are looking in different directions.

If you will be serving punch, why not serve the ghoulish variety? Simply make your favorite punch and add a few ghoul hands. To make these hands, fill non-powdered rubber gloves with cranberry or other red juice. (Don’t overfill, the fingers of the glove should still move easily.)

Close gloves tightly with rubber bands and freeze flat on cookie sheets, which have been lined with paper towels. When ready to serve, open gloves with scissors and add to punch. You may want to break off one or two fingers and add them separately.

A fun punch can be with one quart of lime drink, one quart of lemon lime soda and one cup of lime sherbet. The sherbet should be added right before serving. Stir so the sherbet foams up a bit with the soda. Dust the foam lightly with cocoa powder to resemble dirt.

It’s not a good idea to use dry ice in your punch to make it smoke. Curious hands may try to touch the dry ice resulting in freezer burn. Instead place the dry ice in containers out of reach, such as the back of a table and you’ll still have the atmosphere of the smoky fog without the worry of accidents.

Keep the food simple and familiar but with a twist. Rename favorites in the Halloween theme. Use food coloring in blues, greens, and browns to alter the way a dish looks. Or use familiar food in unfamiliar ways. For example blanch a cauliflower head, break apart and then reassemble (this makes the cauliflower easier to serve) cover the cauliflower with ranch dressing then using ketchup in a squeeze bottle outline each floret with the ketchup so it looks like a brain.

Dee Power is the author of several nonfiction books and the novel, Over Time Get your free booklet Party Ideas for Kids Dee’s hobbies include gardening, and jewelry.

Christopher Hughes, Co-Founder of One Hour Parties, shows viewers how to create quick, creative and affordable Halloween party food. Go to

Funniest Halloween Party Games Ever – Yummy Ideas & Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Recipes Kids Love

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Funniest Halloween Party Games Ever – Yummy Ideas & Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Recipes Kids Love

Funniest Halloween party games – Do you think it’s a little early to be making plans for Halloween night? If so think again if you plan on throwing a Halloween party for children. No matter what the occasion is you’re about to celebrate, and especially if it includes kids then it’s never too early. Making preparations well in advance is the best policy if your party is to be a success. You can bet a bottom dollar that even the best planned out Halloween party can experience some last minute hiccup. Getting things in order for your kiddies Halloween party sooner than later will lessen the list of upsets that could rise than that of the list if you hadn’t planned early.

The vast majority of parties that turn out to be a flop are usually the result of bad management. When organizing a social event there are more things to consider than just supplying food and music. They say it’s easy to amuse children, I don’t doubt this for a minute, however my penny worth says, as long as you amuse them with what they want to be amused over then yes it’s easy. When you have a gathering of kids it’s imperative the Halloween party games will suit all age groups so no one misses out on the fun. Although the games are important, so is the food you serve up. Some kids might have special needs and have to follow a special diet. Speak to all mom and dad’s beforehand about things their children might not like, or not allowed to eat, or allergic to like (nuts etc.) We will look at the yummies you can lay on as spread after we have sorted out your Halloween entertainment.

Funniest Halloween party games need to be just that “funny” if the kids are to enjoy themselves. How do you know what games to play that will excite the kids? That’s it you don’t. The solution is to have various games to choose from and find out this way. It beats holding your breath and keeping your fingers crossed that the 1 game you had in store for them will go down well. With choice then you’re sure to please.

Remember, a bored child can run a mock and cause serious chaos…and depending on the child it is damage you could be looking to prevent a mischievous imp from causing. If you play some of the funniest Halloween party games it will distract them from any intended destruction.

All the games you have planned for the party will have a winner, and what to winners get, yes they get a prize. If you’re counting the pennies after splashing out on other party items for your Halloween night celebrations then buy, or better still make a large slab of treacle or cinder toffee and break into pieces which you need to bag and award to the winners. Or you could make toffee apples to present to those who triumph…

Some funniest Halloween party games that the kids will love.

Halloween party game 1

Halloween Who Am I?

When each kid arrives at the party, stick a name tag on their back with the name of something related to Halloween night written on it like (witch cats pumpkin etc.) Each child must guess what it says. This is done by asking other guests ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about what the paper says. If a correct answer is given, they win a prize.

Halloween party game 2

Pumpkin Bowling Ghosts

Items needed: 3 small pumpkins, 30 empty 2 liter clear plastic pop bottles, 1 tin white spray paint, permanent black marker and a bag of gravel or pebbles.

Spray paint the pop bottles white. Allow the paint to dry and draw a ghost face on each bottle and add some sand or pebbles to weight each bottle down. Separate the kids into teams… line them up and let them take turns at bowling over the Ghosts! The small pumpkins are the bowling balls.

Halloween party game 3

Spooky Walk Items needed: Cut out pictures, craft supplies, music

The spooky walk is similar to musical chairs but not as aggressive (pushing and shoving) Cut out pumpkins, witches, ghosts, broomsticks, scarecrows, cauldrons and ghouls, and other Halloween features and symbols you can think of.. You’ll need 1 item per child participating. Place the cut outs in a circle on the floor. You’ll need some haunting spooky music to play. Have your children walk around in a circle stepping or standing beside or on the picture cut outs while the spooky music is playing, and then at random intervals stop the music and everyone freezes by the item next to them. Then from a hat pick out the name of one of the cut outs that match those on the floor. On every round a picture is removed and the child with no spooky picture to stand by when the music stops will have to sit out the rest of the game. Carry on with until there is only one child left who will be the winner.

Halloween party game 4

Candy Corn Catch

Items needed: Candy corn, plastic pumpkins and string.

Divide the children into groups of 3 teams, 3-4 per team depending on how many kids are at the party. The Candy Corn Catch game will have the players toss candy corns from about 7 to 10 feet away into a pumpkin that will be tied around a team member’s waist. Each player will have the same amount of candy corn. The child wearing the pumpkin can move around to try to catch the candy corn as it is thrown. Once everyone has thrown the candy corn, take the pumpkin and count how many went in so a winner can be picked. This is determined on how many candy corns are in the pumpkin. Pick up any corn that missed the target from the floor to avoid accidents.

When playing games safety is major concern. Some kids are prone to accidents so have a first aid kit close to hand to fix up scrapes and grazes (plasters, bandages, and antiseptic cream.) Have an emergency contact number you can call in case something more serious happens.

Halloween party game 5

The Tragic Witch, Halloween Story Game

Items needed: cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower, peeled tomato, peeled grapes, popcorn kernels, baby carrots, spam, pen and paper, bags or basins

To play the game you need to be in a darkened room (not pitch black.)Dim the lights or use candles, think about safety when using candles. Before telling the story about the Tragic Witch who apparently died in an accident…explain to the kids they are to be the investigators. The children will have to identify the remains found at the scene of the accident. In a bag you will have the items mentioned above. The bag will be passed around and the kids without them peeking inside where they will be asked to guess the parts of the witch’s body inside the bag, and write them down.

Witches brain (cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower)

Heart (peeled tomato)

Eyes (peeled grapes)

Teeth (un-popped popcorn)

Fingers (baby carrots)

Liver (slice Spam in eerie shapes) the child with the most correct answers wins. You can make the story as gross as you like, however be careful you don’t scare the kids.

Ghoul Food Recipes

Eyeball Eggs


Hard boiled eggs

Cream cheese

Stuffed olives

Tomato sauce

Remove yolks from halved eggs and mash with cream cheese. Refill the white gap with the mashed mixture and add an olive (eye ball). Dip a cocktail stick in the tomato ketchup and draw squiggly lines on the whites to make them look blood shot.

Witchy Ice Cream


Mint ice cream (green)

Ice cream cones


Strawberry laces.

Scoop a ball of ice cream onto a plate and put strawberry laces on top for hair, use the wafer cone for a hat, and the smarties for eyes & nose and a lace string for the mouth.

Witches Hats


375g unsweetened cooking chocolate

1 handful marshmallows

15g butter

450g rice crispies

Melt 25g of the chocolate in a basin over a pot of hot water. Add marshmallows and stir until melted then add butter. Add rice crispies to the chocolate and marshmallows and stir to coat evenly. Allow to cool and shape into eight cones shapes. Flatten the large end to make a wide brim. Allow to cool and stiffen. Melt the rest of the chocolate. Dip the cones into the chocolate. Place on tinfoil to cool and harden.

Goodie bags should contain better goodies like a mini toothbrush and tube of tooth paste to clean their teeth after their slap up meal of devilish yummies.


Best all time Halloween ideas for kiddies

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Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is a great excuse for a party and such a fun party theme. Children love all those gruesome Halloween tales of witches and monsters and all those exciting Halloween treats! Read our Halloween party ideas for spooky Halloween decoration ideas, gruesome Halloween recipes and party food ideas, spooky party games and activities and Halloween fancy dress. But remember, Halloween is not just for kids, it is a great excuse for a spooky themed dinner party and party pieces cater for both adult and children Halloween parties.

Halloween decorations

There are lots of fun Halloween decorations for younger children that feature novelty faces and fun Halloween character designs. These are not too scary and allow you to decorate your Halloween party venue with out any terrors. Decorate with Halloween party bunting, garlands, decorative cut outs and glittery door curtains to set the perfect Halloween scene.

If you do want to create the fear factor with your Halloween decorations, an old haunted house is a great idea for your Halloween theme. Drape spider web Halloween decorations over curtains and ceiling corners — you can buy this in a spray or the plastic webbing- which is much easier and avoids the mess!. Add mini plastic spiders to make your cobwebs even more realistic. Hang a large spider Halloween decoration from the centre of the ceiling or door frame where the children will walk past. Create that old fashioned, haunted house look by bringing out some old candelabra for the table or using a chandelier style Halloween decoration to suspend from the ceiling.

Organza is always a great idea for party decoration- it can be used for so much and is so cheap!. Use black organza decoration to drape over furniture and windows to darken the room, or use a card scene setter over your window to create a Halloween night time scene. You can then add your own effects to the scene setter such as flying witches. A fun idea is to use white organza to drape over an old broom handle and place in the corner of the room, add eyes to create a ghost decoration. You could hide a fan and secretly turn it on to make the ghost appear to be moving when the kids least expect it! Record spooky Halloween noises and ask a helper to turn them on throughout the Halloween party to make them jump.

Halloween party balloons are a wonderful way of filling and decorating your room. Mix up a selection of plain green, black and white balloons for your spooky Halloween colours. Let helium balloons hang free from the ceiling and suspend plastic spider decorations from them on cotton threads (keep the thread out of reach). Create balloon archways, clusters and columns to fill the Halloween party with spooky characters like our pumpkin and spider balloons.

The garden is a great playground for a Halloween party. Remember to ask the parents in the party invite to bring some warm clothes. Don’t plan to stay out too long and promise some warm treats when they come back inside. With some pre-planning you can have some spooky Halloween surprises ready for them. Suspend mini lanterns in the trees and pumpkin lanterns around the garden. Ask some friends to secretly dress up and hide – you could have a witch serving toffee apples, a skeleton jumping out from a pile of fallen leaves. Suspend chocolate spiders in fake cobwebs from tree branches. Put some hidden Halloween treats around for them to find.

Halloween party food ideas

halloween themed party food

Transform normal simple party food into a gruesome Halloween food feast by labelling your food with Halloween themes: sausages on sticks become ‘giants fingers’, spaghetti with tomato sauce ‘worm broth’, sandwiches cut into pointed triangles ‘witches and wizards hats’, guacamole or mushy peas ‘slime dip’, Candy floss – without the food colouring ‘spiders cobwebs’. Use Halloween cookie cutters to create shaped cookies, sandwiches, cheese and pizza.

jack’o lantern toasted marshmallows

Before your party create a jack o lantern with a large but shallow shaped pumpkin. For this purpose cut the top of the lantern off slightly lower than your normal lanterns. The marshmallows will be toasted on the heat from the votive or tea light candle in the pumpkin and so make the pumpkin as shallow as you can with still enough room for your Jack O’ lantern face. Once you have cut off the top use a knife and large spoon to scrape out the inside of your pumpkin (don’t throw this away- see below for a great pumpkin recipe). Draw a face on the pumpkin- the larger and simpler the features the better, and cut around your template. As the children will be sat around the pumpkin you may want to have a face on the front and the back of the pumpkin. Sit the children around the pumpkin and get them to toast their marshmallows on bamboo skewers. Watch over them as they do this as hot runny marshmallow can burn a child’s lips if they eat it too quickly.

witches Halloween brew

Mix a small amount of green food colouring with whipped cream and serve on top of hot chocolate- a great treat after they have been Halloween trick or treating or been exploring outdoors. Serve with some Halloween shaped cookies.

Halloween toffee apple recipe;

For 10 children you will need:

- 10 small apples

- 10 Wooden skewers

- 900g Sugar

- 50 ml of water

- 80ml glucose syrup

- 1 tea spoon of red food colouring

Push skewer three-quarters of the way into each apple at the stem end. Combine the sugar, water, glucose and colouring in a medium sized, heavy based pan. Stir over heat, without boiling, until sugar is dissolved. Boil, uncovered, without stirring, for about 20 minutes or until the mixture reaches ‘crack stage’ (test by dropping a teaspoon of the syrup into a cup of cold water: if it sets and can be cracked almost immediately, it is ready.) Remove syrup from the heat, stand pan in baking dish of hot water for about 1 minute or until bubble subside. Remove the pan from the water; tilt pan. Dip and rotate each apple slowly in the syrup until completely coated. Twirl apple around a few times so it begins to set slightly before you set it down. Place onto a greased oven tray to set.

grave digger halloween pudding

Chocolate ice cream topped with green jelly, with jelly worms and bone shaped meringues.

halloween pumpkin party dip recipe

Use your left over pumpkin from your lanterns to create a tasty party dip. Simply whip together the insides of 1 large pumpkin (remove seeds), 2 packs of cream cheese. If you have not used your pumpkin shell for a lantern, serve your dip in it!

spider halloween cupcakes

Create Halloween spider cupcakes using black icing, 8 short liquorice sticks around the circumference for legs and round sweets as two eyes.

halloween party games />

Pass the parcel with a scary twist – use scary Halloween prizes.

5. Halloween pumpkin piñata

Choose a fabulous Halloween piñata shape for your piñata game.

6. Halloween thriller dance

Organise some simple dance moves before the Halloween party. Make these dance moves Halloween themed. Such as asking them to move their arms like Frankenstein, move backwards and forwards like a zombie, dance in a circle like goblins. Add other simple dance moves such as twirling round on the spot and touching there toes and jumping in the air. Keep the routine simple and short then ask them to repeat the routine over and over until the song finishes. Teach these moves to the children at the party – this is fun in itself as they get used to the dance and have a practise. When everyone is ready, put on the Halloween music (we recommend Michael Jackson’s Thriller) and get them to dance for you. Video the routine and let the children watch themselves afterwards. This Halloween activity is likely to cause great excitement and giggles!! It will look spectacular if the children are all dressed up in Halloween fancy dress.

Halloween party bags plastic snakes, snake jelly sweets, eye ball poppers, stretchy skeletons. You could even give out toffee apples at the end of the night as their home time Halloween gifts.

halloween fancy dress costumes

Halloween fancy dress costumes are easy to make and some black organza will go a long way to creating your own Halloween fancy dress costume. You can use organza to create a witch fancy dress costume by cutting a hole for the child’s head and then tying a belt around their middle. You can make card board witches hats and cover them in the organza. Use organza to make wizard or vampire fancy dress capes. Create a bat fancy dress costume by fastening the bottom corners of the cape to the child’s hands, cut out mini semi circle shapes from the bottom of the cape to create the bat wing effect. Halloween fancy dress accessories such as fangs and witches fingers give the finishing touches. Don’t forget face paints- a must at any Halloween party!

the origins of Halloween

Halloween originated in Ireland as a harvest festival to ward of bad spirits that the locals believed caused their bad crops and livestock disease. To do this the villagers would dress up in fancy dress costumes at their harvest festival to mimic the evil spirits and pacify them. Pumpkin lanterns were made from the harvested vegetables to protect a person and place from negativity and the evil spirits. At the harvest festival fun games were played with the harvested crop such as apple bobbing and snap apple. Children would ‘trick or treat’ around the village gathering treats for the festival. These traditions were taken to America with the Irish immigrants and subsequently merged with an American pagan festival called All-Hallow-even. From this Halloween was born.

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