Get Scary with Landscape Lighting this Halloween

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Get Scary with Landscape Lighting this Halloween

Halloween Means Time for Creativity

Halloween is a great time of fun for kids of all ages. But it can also be a fun and creative time for the whole family. It’s estimated that 50% of Americans alone will decide to do some Halloween decorating but if you are one of the ones that haven’t decorated your house before, maybe this is your year to give it a shot. There are some great ways to make your home appear very scary for not a lot of money. Plus, its a really fun activity for everyone in the family. Here are some different ways for creating a scary but fun Halloween landscape.

Lighting Options
Light strings are a good starting point when thinking about Halloween lighting. They come in a variety of colors such as orange, black, green and purple as well as other colors and they are relatively inexpensive. They are also available in different Halloween shapes like pumpkins, goblins, ghosts and candy corn. They can be hung from trees and shrubs, strung along fences or attached to the eaves of the house.

Led lighting is another example of Halloween lighting and also is substantially cheaper than tradtional lighting because it uses much less energy. Many Halloween lights now offer flashing or pulsating LED lights and come in many vibrant colors. You can also buy LED up lighting with colored lenses to help create the mood. LED lighting is now available in costumes, candle lights and even in string lights.

Solar lighting has developed to a point where it has become comparable in quality and light output to other types of traditional lighting. Solar lights require no electricity because they store sunlight during the day and use it to generate its own electricity. Plus, they come in Halloween decor and they can be shaped liked ghosts, ghouls or a variety of other scary shapes.

Projection lighting is also a great option because it actually projects scary images on to your house, sidewalk or other objects.

A terrific way to add some fun without breaking the bank is replace your outdoor light covers with spooky Halloween covers. You can get them in a variety of colors and frightening shapes quite often for under . They are temporary cover so you can pull them off, store them and use them again next year.

When it comes to Halloween lighting, a popular choce for many people is the black light. They produce a dark purple glow after the sun goes down and highlights costumes and makeup that are fluorescent. You can buy black lights by themselves and replace existing outdoor lights or buy them with complete with a fixture.

Stand alone lighting is another option. These are decorative Halloween themed pieces that you place in the yard and have and have a lighting component to them. They may include pumpkins, lighted Halloween trees, tomb stones, ghouls, goblins or any number of different themes.

Use this as an opportunity to get the whole family involved! Pick a day and spend a few hours going to the store together to pick out your lights and have fun with Halloween lighting.

Ready to learn creative ways to use landscape lighting? Visit The Landscape Lighting Site to learn how!

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Fog Chiller Graveyard Display Ground Fog Halloween Yard Haunt Demo

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Standard quality video. My latest practical example of how the 48qt Igloo Ice Cube Cooler DIY Fog Chiller with 7 lbs of ice, a 400W Gemmy fog machine, a Pseudo Venturi inlet pipe and trash bag on the outlet performed in a yard in 60 degree rainy weather in a small open Yard Haunt graveyard display set-up. Once again the trash bag on the outlet was used to not just spread the fog out a little more but mainly to create back pressure in the chiller, slow the velocity and make the fog lay lower or linger more. The fog machine timer was set to 2 oclock on the burst duration dial and 30 seconds on the interval dial. Note how the fog lays low at the beginning of the night. Then the wind starts up and pushes the chilled fog to the side. It still creates a nice Halloween graveyard atmosphere. At 4:45 min shows a test without the trash bag on the outlet in heavy wind with two tombstones set-up to contain the fog and block the wind to a degree. At 6:25 I added footage showing the inside of the fog chiller set-up from a previous video to show what I was using in this one. Note that with a larger chiller and higher wattage fog machine the effect would cover a larger area more quickly. Video shot Monday Night Oct 22, 2007. See my other videos for more Yard Haunt and Fog Chiller how-to’s. Note: When handling hardware cloth which is used to make the ice tray, wear work gloves. It can be sharp. And when constructing anything new with tools remember safety first. I may upload videos of
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Haunted Tiki Island 2008 – Halloween Yard Haunt

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Check out the blog: The second year of Haunted TIki Island yard haunt. Features a cast of hungry headhunter cannibals and a jungle of zombies, monsters, and giant insects. See the talking tiki mask, the cauldron creep, and the Cannibal Family. 95% of all props are handmade. Located at 2134 Elizondo Ave and Haven Ave in Simi Valley, CA. Open on Oct 31st, dusk till 10:30pm. No admission and kid friendly. 2009 is the last year!
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Halloween Yard Haunt 2009

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A haunted garden on Greenwood Avenue in Oakland CA where a graveyard of spooks come out to frolic in the night.. Animated goblins pop out from a giant pumpkin & from the dark, owls & cats move about on trees with big faces, a devil comes out of a corn field, the ‘Ghost of Greenwood Ave’ persistently hovers above the yard, and finally the two witches; one witch stirring her potion in a boiling cauldron of goo while the other witch watch over the Driveway Follies below.

Halloween Yard Decorations 2009

September 27, 2010 by admin  
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This is done with a Light O Rama controller and 32 channels of lighting, LED spot lights.
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Halloween Decorations
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Inexpensive and Simple Outdoor Halloween Decorating

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A look at quick and easy and inexpensive cemetery theme outdoor Halloween decorating. Everything cost around 0, and aside from the Mummy which I got on sale for at the annual Halloween store, everything was bought at Target and Party Fair.. When I get 500 subscribers, I’ll have a free give-away contest, open to anyone anywhere in the world, so please subscribe! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND RATE! http All items shown here were bought by me for my personal use.
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Outdoor Decor, Rustic Decor, Yard Art, Decorative Garden Items and Holiday Decorations

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Outdoor Decor, Rustic Decor, Yard Art, Decorative Garden Items and Holiday Decorations

At we are always working on creating new unique and attractive garden and home décor that no one else offers. We are diligent in creating beautiful yard and garden art that will enhance any yard.  Krista and her husband Chris the owners of Rustica Ornamentals enjoy making art for their own yard and were sick of the cheap generic things sold in stores, they wanted affordable garden art that worked in their yard that blended in and accentuated their own gardens. We just love to make beautiful thing that others enjoy.


We are now working on our Valentines Day and Easter decorations. We have Red, light Pink and dark Pink hanging Hearts. You can buy one or a bunch. You can hang them on a tree, hang them in your car or decorate your home with them. We are also working on Heart magnets and Heart yard stakes. The Heart garden stakes as Krista says are great she says they will be in her yard!  As for the Easter décor we will have white fluffy Bunny Yard Stakes and lots of unique indoor and outdoor décor some painted with pretty pastels and some items will be rustic and natural.


At Rustica Ornamentals we always try to create seasonal décor with the essence of that season or holiday in mind. We like to create things that will warm your soul and make you feel good. It is all about creating things that beatifies and or reflect the season or event you are decorating for.

Come see Us on the web:

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6 Unique Decorating Tips for Halloween

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6 Unique Decorating Tips for Halloween

Thinking about decorating for Halloween?  Here are some tips on what you can do to make your home stand out from the rest!

1.    Fake Spider Webs – Creating fake spider webs is not complicated yet you see so many people decorating their homes with clumps of cotton that looks like they were taken out of the bag and thrown on the wall.  Try to make it look somewhat realistic.  Stretch the cotton material until it becomes a silky transparent thread.  You want it to look real enough that it will fake a real spider. Another idea for spider webs is using dark threading hanging from the ceiling in front of the door.  Note: this will only work in a dark setting.  Wet the strings so when guests enter your house they’ll walk through the web and get freaked out!
2.    Floating Skulls – This is one of my favorites.  You need a TV or monitor, a DVD (preferable) or a VCR, a video of a head or skull, a large sheet of glass or plexiglass.  Lay the TV/Monitor facing up right below the window where you want the image displayed.  Have the top of the TV/Monitor facing the wall. Place the glass or plexiglass above the TV at a 45 degree angle where one side is resting on the bottom of the TV and the other side is resting on the window. Make sure the video of the skull is adjusted where the area surrounding the head is dark.  The end result is a floating head in the window. For more dramatic effects, you may want to add a background surrounding the area.
3.    Lighting – You want to create the right ambiance. Replace the light bulbs on your chandelier and your front porch with a black light.  You can even add a strobe light for a more
4.    Tomb Stones – These are pretty easy to make. You need Styrofoam which you can get from a local arts and crafts store or Lowes, grey primer, and acrylic paint. Cut out the shape for the tomb stone, paint it with primer, and write the epitaph.  Roughen the edges to give it a weathered look. You can also create a cross with two pieces of boards and nail them together in a shape of a cross. You may want to break pieces off the end or burn parts of the cross to make it appear old or weathered.
5.    Birds – You can add fake crows and perch them on a tree, bush, or anywhere in your front yard.
6.    Michael Meyers in the windows – This is relatively easy.  Get a jump suit from a thrift store or ask a mechanics garage for an old outfit, get the Michael Meyers mask which can be found in virtually any Halloween store, get some construction gloves, newspaper, a fake or dull kitchen knife, double stick tape, a long stick with bottom support or a coat hanger with removable hangers, and a directional light.  Stuff the jumpsuit with all of the newspapers. Stick long newspapers in the forearms so that the newspaper sticks out of the sleeves later to be used to stuff the gloves.  Stuff the mask with newspaper as well. Cut a hole in the butt are of the jumpsuit and stick the support through until it reaches out of the neck area.  Stick the mask on top of this portion of the support. Use the double stick tape and wrap it around the knife and close one of the gloves around the knife. Stand the figure in front of a window and place the light facing up so that it shines on Michael Meyers face.

Halloween is the one time out of the year where you can pretend to be anything you want and express yourself freely without being judged. If you are looking for more ideas for Halloween, go to Thanks for reading and I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

LED Lights Make Halloween Spookier, Safer, and More Entertaining

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LED Lights Make Halloween Spookier, Safer, and More Entertaining

Halloween is quickly becoming the most popular holiday for decorating. If you are planning to host a haunted house, Halloween party, or hungry trick-or-treaters, it is essential that quality lighting is a priority on your to-do list. Energy-efficient, long-lasting Halloween lights are the perfect way to create a spooky, yet safe environment. Light the way for trick-or-treaters, create an eerie backyard haunted house, or cast a spooky glow over a costume party. No matter your event, festive LED lights will make this Halloween spookier, safer, and more entertaining than ever before.


Purple and Orange Halloween Lights


Whether strung around windows for decorating or illuminating dark walkways, LED lights are a great way to create an environment that is brighter and safer for children who are trick-or-treating. A well-lit yard also provides a warm, hospitable atmosphere for trick-or-treaters (and their parents) while still sparking a little spooky Halloween fun.


A popular lighting solution for Halloween is a set of purple and orange Halloween lights. These LED lights offer wide angle Flex-Change lights that are ideal for Halloween decorating. Their 5mm angle bulbs evenly distribute light in all directions with the brightest, most-focused output of all Halloween LED lights. They are flicker-free and are individually interchangeable. Purple and orange Halloween Wide Angle Flex-Change lights can also be strategically placed in dark corners or near the floor to create a spooky glow, festively frame a seating area, or illuminate any Halloween decor.


Black Wire Halloween Lights


Bright and focused LED lights are also an excellent way to enhance your Halloween haunted house. Unlike traditional light strings, Halloween LED lights produce very little heat so they are cool to the touch and safe to operate when draped across shrubs, trees, haunted house decorations and fake spider webs.


Decorate your haunted house with sets of Black Wire Halloween lights. These spooky LED lights feature alternating purple and orange LED string lights that add an eerie visual effect to your haunted house design while remaining safe for your guests. These popular LED lights also feature a black wire that matches any Halloween theme, eliminating any visible wiring. They are perfect for any haunted house, Halloween party, or themed-yard.


Witch” Halloween Lights Do You Like the Best?


Decorating for your Halloween party can involve a pinch of your own creativity. Depending upon “witch” Halloween lights you like the best, you can create an atmosphere unique to the colors you use. Take your party to another level of “super-natural” with green LED lights.


While stirring the green witch’s brew punch in a smoking cauldron, cast a green glow over your party guests with the Green Wide Angle Flex-Change LED Lights. Not only do these brilliant green LED lights add a special effect around Halloween decorations and refreshments, but they can also be re-used during the Christmas holidays and St. Patrick’s Day.


Light up your Halloween haunted house, party, or yard with spooky, safe and entertaining Halloween lights from With their large inventory of Halloween lights, decorating for Halloween and any holiday occasion is now very safe and highly-entertaining! Visit today for energy-efficient, long-lasting Halloween lights for your holiday season.

Heather Preston. Halloween Lights – has a large inventory of halloween lights to make your halloween decorations extra special.

Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display

September 8, 2010 by admin  
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Here’s a video of our front yard this year. I’ll post another video showing how I made all of the decorations (if anyone is interested). The corpse and Mr. Pumpkinhead are paper mache, while Mr. Red is mostly hot glue. We still have to put up some spider web and the day before Halloween, we always put out the fog machine…it adds the right feel to Halloween night. Hope you enjoy.

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