Halloween Yard Decorations

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The Great Pumpkin Award! Halloween yard decorations 2008
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Outdoor Decor, Decorative Garden Items and Holiday Decorations

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Outdoor Decor, Decorative Garden Items and Holiday Decorations

Berlin CT (USA). RusticaOrnamentals.com has recently updated their website with a NEW unique selection of holiday and garden decor including hand painted Christmas ornaments, custom Holiday decorations, outdoor Christmas decorations and unique attractive garden decor.

RusticaOrnamentals.com has a unique, and festive assortment of Christmas outdoor decorations, holiday accents, garden decor and personalized decor including outdoor Snowmen decorations, Victorian Christmas caroling silhouettes, rusty and painted Halloween decorations and distinct, original garden décor for all year long. Most of our yard decorations come in many size options and colors. We pride ourselves on making original items that aren’t like everyone else’s.

RusticaOrnamentals.com specializes in creating unique and fun garden and outdoor décor. Most of our ornaments for the home and yard come in an assortment of sizes and colors. We also welcome custom orders, you design it and we will create it. We will basically design anything you can imagine or need from metal, copper, aluminum or tin — either from a drawing or an idea. Most custom projects from Rustica Ornamentals take around a week to complete, but some larger projects may take longer. Plus, if you like an item you see online, but want to change the color, that may be possible if you contact us.

All of our products are designed and made in Berlin Connecticut. The idea behind for Rustica Ornamentals is to create affordable attractive yard decor made in the USA that doesn’t look pre fabricated and cheap. We want to make the yards of America beautiful with original decorative ornaments for both the home and garden. Our home and garden décor are mostly made of sturdy 20 – 24 gage steel basically guaranteeing that your yard or home ornament will last for many many years.

At Rustica we pride ourselves on making good qulity and attractive garden and home decor that one will love all year long. Please come see us for all your home and garden décor decoration needs including Christmas, valentines day, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Celebrate your home and garden in style with RusticaOrnamentals.com your outdoor décor, home decor and decorative garden item source.

Our Goal is to Make your World More Beautiful.

Come see us on the web at: www.RusticaOrnamentals.com

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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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By James Watts

Few things are more thrilling for a trick-or-treater than walking up to a house detailed with ghastly Halloween decorations. Whether you use complicated props like swooping ghosts, or simple, classic decorations, like glowing jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, and indian corn, your house will delight visitors. A haunted yard, complete with fun Halloween decorations, makes a fine setting for outdoor parties in good weather, as well.

Plan out your outdoor Halloween decor. Choosing a theme makes it easier to chose decorations, and is generally more effective. Transform your front lawn into an old, foggy graveyard, a fortune teller’s lair, or a mad scientist’s lab.

Themes are easier to work with, but don’t let that stop you from throwing in whatever appeals to you, and mixing things up. It helps to lay out your design on paper, to get an idea of what will go where. If you are using pranks and gags, try to set them up where guests will have to walk past them to be surprised by them.

There are some very realistic yard props out there, available for purchase form Halloween specialty stores, home decoration stores, and online Halloween shops. Foam-filled rubber sculptures of ghouls clawing their way out of the grave are very effective. Some other prop ideas are: bloody body parts, grave stones, glowing skulls, gargoyles, and faux-dungeon doors. Yard decoration kits are available, too.

With some time and creativity, you can make your own outdoor Halloween decorations out of relatively cheap supplies. Make gravestones out of cardboard or foam. Craft ghosts out of white fabric, and hang them from the trees. The possibilities are endless!

James writes for Ghoulish Halloween, a site that tries to entertain and inform on the traditional and fun of Halloween.

Ghoulish Halloween can help you find great Halloween costume ideas as well as Halloween party ideas and home decorations to help your Halloween Party go with a bang.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Watts http://EzineArticles.com/?Outdoor-Halloween-Decorations&id=33908

Dress Up Your House With Silhouettes For Halloween Appeal

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Trick-or-treaters will enjoy your outdoor Halloween decor when you use simple silhouette’s to lure them in. Any window, garage or flat surface on your house can be fair game to use as your canvas. Use double sided tape, temporary spray adhesive, or reusable adhesive putty (found at office supply stores) to secure your creations, yet allow for easy removal after the holiday is over.

Here’s one neat idea for those of you that have a garage that faces the street – decorate the front of it with cutout black craft foam in the shape of a fence. Add a black cat sitting on the fence along with some bats flying around. You could add some low, ambience lighting to highlight your decorations.

For those who wish to decorate their windows, use black poster board to cut out the shape of a bare tree with a wise owl peering out from one of its branches. In fact if you have a large window, why not create a whole Halloween graveyard scene?

There are many shapes that can be cut into silhouettes to use as outdoor Halloween decorations. Some additional suggestions are:

  • a witch flying in front of a moon
  • a jack-o-lantern face
  • tombstones
  • a skeleton
  • a spider web and spider
  • ghostly trees
  • some ravens
  • black cauldron
  • witch broom and hat
  • Frankenstein and his monster friends
  • ghosts and ghouls
  • the grim reaper

Using cut out silhouettes for Halloween decorations is a simple and cost effective way to spook up your home without it being overly scary for youngsters. So why not try your hand at something different this year? You may be surprised at all the compliments you receive on your creative Halloween decor.

(c) 2006. Rose Smith. Halloween Howl is your online Halloween party planner. We cover everything from spooktacular theme party ideas to putting up interesting Halloween party decorations, what games to play, what food to prepare, and lots, lots more. It’s Halloween fun for the whole family. Visit us at Halloween Howl Party Planner today

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rose_Smith

Halloween Yard Decorations Will Allow You to Create Scary Outdoor Decoration Ideas

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Halloween yard decorations are really appealing and exciting for people of all ages. It does not matter whether you have a small yard or a very large yard. You can unleash all the creativity of yourself and allow the others that reside in the home in order to create a lavish yard full of decoration and spookynite spectacular fun this Halloween! Here, I will offer some basic tips and techniques on how to make the most of your Halloween Yard decorations without having to invest a lot of money and time into the endeavor.

One of the first things that you have to keep in mind is the overall theme and intent of Halloween outdoor decorations. These decorations can be scary, or simply represent the fall season. The choice is yours.

One of the most basic Halloween yard decorations are the fantastic pumpkins that are common to the fall season. You can line your yard with basic pumpkins, or with a little bit of work, you can carve the Halloween pumpkins in order to create ones that reflect the “spooky” Halloween theme.

Many individuals may simply take a bunch of pumpkins and line and stack them in one section or corner of the yard. If you elect to decorate in this manner, you may choose to throw in some hay for an added dramatic effect.

In addition to pumpkins, you can use hay and even an assortment of carefully cultivated gourds in order to create an outstanding visual effect this Halloween. If you really want to make things interesting, then you should consider mixing up all of these items and creating a spectacular scene that will be very attractive to others!

The next Halloween yard decorations I will discuss are scarecrows. Believe it or not, these handy little items can be really practical when it comes to setting the scene for spooknite spectacular haunts and fun this Halloween. In addition to this, paper, table cloths, shower curtains, and even sheets can be used in order to create ghostly scenes in the yard for Halloween. As you can see, there are many creative methods and supplies that you can use to decorate your yard for this spooky night.

All it takes is a little creativity, a theme, a little bit of time, and some basic supplies and you are all set! There are many store bought decorations that you can use in order to add ornamental design to your yard, but it is not nearly as fun as unleashing your own creativity!

Daryl Plaza is a regular contributor to http://www.Spookynite.com supplying you with all the information and resources you need to know about Halloween nite.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daryl_Plaza

Halloween Yard Decorations

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30979Halloween Is The Holiday For Fun

Halloween is the holiday to be scary. It is the time to visit a haunted house or create your own. Some of the scariest Halloween decorations are the life sized statues of various werewolves, vampires and famous horror movie stars. Halloween is also the perfect time to enjoy candy, scary movies, eerie stories and spooky music. Plastic wax lips and shrieking candy bowls are in!

Halloween also brings out wonderful creativity in some people.

I am impressed by the array of Halloween yard decorations that I have seen displayed this year. There are pumpkin lights strung up, pumpkins in the yard and sparkling pumpkin displays. The graveyard scenes that I have seen are very scary. Some tombstones glow in the dark, for an eerie effect.

Some graveyard scenes have a family of skeletons scattered about. Some have floating ghosts stretched out or hung above the glowing tombstones. I came across a spider theme decorated house.

The large black spiders hanging everywhere on ghostly looking webs were frightening.
Some of these spiders move, scream, screech, glow and will scare the devil out of you.
Speaking of that, I also saw a ghoul scene decoration set up on the roof of a house that was terrifying. The ghoul had to be seven feet tall. The look on it’s face was very evil. I know that decoration took a lot of work to put up. The effect was worth it. I was thrilled and delighted by it. If the ghoul gives a sound, I am sure trick or treaters will be running everywhere on Halloween night!

Tricks and treats are a main part of Halloween.

I have seen some scary Halloween candy this year. There are glow in the dark candy bars and candy wrapped in finger and eyeball wrappers. The jellied candy snakes, worms, ants and various critters are cool and shocking.

When set up on a table decorated with plastic or rubber hands, feet, toes, eyeballs and spiders placed around, the candy can be a great Halloween display. You can serve up a trick of fright or surprise with your treats.

Orange and Black are the main Halloween colors. They look good together and compliment each other. They are the perfect color combo for standing out and getting attention. On streamers, lights or candy, these colors cannot be beat. Speaking of orange, I have seen some Halloween shirts being worn, in that color, that were very scary and shocking. Getting attention and causing a fright is the reason for the season.

So, take notice of the wonderful and exciting Halloween displays around you. It is the season for a delightfully good time.

Happy Halloween!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bridgitte_Williams http://EzineArticles.com/?Halloween-Is-The-Holiday-For-Fun&id=333298

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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Halloween Decorations and Halloween Crafts and Games – Creative Halloween fun that can highlight any Halloween themed party


Halloween decorations and Halloween games will give rise to all sorts of Halloween sounds and images that will conjure up hauntingly frightful fun for any Halloween themed party.  Halloween is a night for little ghouls and little Halloween witches to come out of the woodwork.  By adding some jack-o’-lanterns that are specially carved to create that Halloween horror effect for your porch and using haunted house props to decorate your house, you can come up with a great Halloween party plan.  Use as little as you want or come up with several varieties of Halloween crafts, games and an abundance of Halloween activities that will keep the young at heart entertained for the evening.  By choosing the right effects for your Halloween party you can have a great selection of Halloween props. Halloween lights would be a good choice for your outdoor Halloween decorations along with the Halloween tombstone and spiders webs with a variety of specially carved Halloween pumpkins with lights in them on your front porch.

Halloween decorations that you can use for your home

Halloween decorations will play the most important role for your Halloween party. To create the Halloween theme that you are looking for, you the host, have to decide on what kind of Halloween settings that you want. There are large selections of Halloween props available when trying to create a sinsiter scene in front of your house.  You can have a variety of gruesome horror Halloween prop decorations out front: as an example you could create simple magnificent monsters spiders can be easily crafted with foam balls black spray paint and chenille stems.  Or you could also create a window Web by using black ribbon links and yarn that have a strategic weaving pattern that will allow an added shadow effect for a great Halloween Window.  By dangling the creepy spiders from the roofline will give you a hair-raising outdoor Halloween decoration that people will love.

Ideas for your outdoor Halloween decoration ideas

By using outdoor Halloween decorations you will be able to craft your front yard and transform it into the most frightful and sinister haunted house of horrors.  If you have the option of having a large yard you could set up a rickety graveyard fence with some Halloween tombstones along with some other Halloween haunted props.  Completing this Halloween plan you could have hovering ghost skeletons or spider web cobwebs in the branches of the trees for more of a horror effect.  If you live in a condo or an apartment you might choose decorations like a scary Halloween warning sign or maybe many little lights that look like mini orange pumpkins around your windows and doors.

What kind of indoor Halloween ideas can I use?

If your patrons have gotten past your ghoulish outdoor Halloween decorations you have to decide about inside your house and what kind of Halloween decorations you want to create the feel of your new haunted house.  You may want ghosts, witches, goblins or maybe other creepy critters that are floating about with your haunted house props.  Do not worry about spending too much time decorating inside since you can easily craft some simple Halloween displays for your decorations around the house along with some eerie Halloween effects topped with some frightfully tasting Halloween snacks.  With all this combined you will have created the best haunted house party that you can imagine.  By using the effect of different howling lighting such as candles, orange indoor Halloween lights, or black lighting or orange bulbs in lamps along with some added effects of cobwebs you can create any spooky and horrifying effect to any room theme.  Keep in mind choosing the Halloween decorations for your outdoor theme the age of your group. Children or adult guests will help you decide on which Halloween decorations you will choose. You want to make this fun and not full of nightmares for faint of heart.

What kind of Halloween craft ideas can I use?

The right Halloween crafts can make your Halloween party a howl.  When planning a Halloween party, activities for a children’s Halloween party could be just as much fun for you watching and for the little monsters enjoying the Halloween party.  Creative skills are a joy for children and they will be proud to show off some of their creepy Halloween creations.  A great idea for putting together a children’s Halloween party would be to have a variety of fun Halloween crafts preplanned for them in advance and not forgetting to plan an easy clean up for you afterwards.  Keep in mind the age of the guests when you are planning your Halloween craft project, if it too difficult or easy your little ghosts may turn to actual monsters.  In the end of all the fun for the kids make sure your Halloween crafts supplies such as paints, glues, pens and other materials that are used will be non-toxic, washable, and safe.

What kind of Halloween party games should I have?

Incredibly popular as always are Halloween party games and not only the youngsters will be around to seek the small prizes and rewards but also the adult Halloween costume party goers are also interested in having fun and show off their skills and abilities.  For little Halloween ghouls you may want to try to modify some old holiday favorite games in to a Halloween game theme.  As an example you could take a Halloween candy treat and create a hunt like an Easter egg hunt or instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, try instead pinning the mouth on a Halloween pumpkin.  By having the older children and adults playing a game of Halloween charades and acting out popular scary books and movies you can create an entertaining Halloween themed party.  So do not be afraid to modify some original games into the Halloween party games that will suit your Halloween guests ages and interests.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daryl_Plaza http://EzineArticles.com/?Halloween-Decorations-and-Halloween-Crafts-and-Games—Creative-Halloween-Fun&id=323027

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