Funniest Halloween Party Games Ever – Yummy Ideas & Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Recipes Kids Love

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Funniest Halloween Party Games Ever – Yummy Ideas & Ghoulish Halloween Party Food Recipes Kids Love

Funniest Halloween party games – Do you think it’s a little early to be making plans for Halloween night? If so think again if you plan on throwing a Halloween party for children. No matter what the occasion is you’re about to celebrate, and especially if it includes kids then it’s never too early. Making preparations well in advance is the best policy if your party is to be a success. You can bet a bottom dollar that even the best planned out Halloween party can experience some last minute hiccup. Getting things in order for your kiddies Halloween party sooner than later will lessen the list of upsets that could rise than that of the list if you hadn’t planned early.

The vast majority of parties that turn out to be a flop are usually the result of bad management. When organizing a social event there are more things to consider than just supplying food and music. They say it’s easy to amuse children, I don’t doubt this for a minute, however my penny worth says, as long as you amuse them with what they want to be amused over then yes it’s easy. When you have a gathering of kids it’s imperative the Halloween party games will suit all age groups so no one misses out on the fun. Although the games are important, so is the food you serve up. Some kids might have special needs and have to follow a special diet. Speak to all mom and dad’s beforehand about things their children might not like, or not allowed to eat, or allergic to like (nuts etc.) We will look at the yummies you can lay on as spread after we have sorted out your Halloween entertainment.

Funniest Halloween party games need to be just that “funny” if the kids are to enjoy themselves. How do you know what games to play that will excite the kids? That’s it you don’t. The solution is to have various games to choose from and find out this way. It beats holding your breath and keeping your fingers crossed that the 1 game you had in store for them will go down well. With choice then you’re sure to please.

Remember, a bored child can run a mock and cause serious chaos…and depending on the child it is damage you could be looking to prevent a mischievous imp from causing. If you play some of the funniest Halloween party games it will distract them from any intended destruction.

All the games you have planned for the party will have a winner, and what to winners get, yes they get a prize. If you’re counting the pennies after splashing out on other party items for your Halloween night celebrations then buy, or better still make a large slab of treacle or cinder toffee and break into pieces which you need to bag and award to the winners. Or you could make toffee apples to present to those who triumph…

Some funniest Halloween party games that the kids will love.

Halloween party game 1

Halloween Who Am I?

When each kid arrives at the party, stick a name tag on their back with the name of something related to Halloween night written on it like (witch cats pumpkin etc.) Each child must guess what it says. This is done by asking other guests ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about what the paper says. If a correct answer is given, they win a prize.

Halloween party game 2

Pumpkin Bowling Ghosts

Items needed: 3 small pumpkins, 30 empty 2 liter clear plastic pop bottles, 1 tin white spray paint, permanent black marker and a bag of gravel or pebbles.

Spray paint the pop bottles white. Allow the paint to dry and draw a ghost face on each bottle and add some sand or pebbles to weight each bottle down. Separate the kids into teams… line them up and let them take turns at bowling over the Ghosts! The small pumpkins are the bowling balls.

Halloween party game 3

Spooky Walk Items needed: Cut out pictures, craft supplies, music

The spooky walk is similar to musical chairs but not as aggressive (pushing and shoving) Cut out pumpkins, witches, ghosts, broomsticks, scarecrows, cauldrons and ghouls, and other Halloween features and symbols you can think of.. You’ll need 1 item per child participating. Place the cut outs in a circle on the floor. You’ll need some haunting spooky music to play. Have your children walk around in a circle stepping or standing beside or on the picture cut outs while the spooky music is playing, and then at random intervals stop the music and everyone freezes by the item next to them. Then from a hat pick out the name of one of the cut outs that match those on the floor. On every round a picture is removed and the child with no spooky picture to stand by when the music stops will have to sit out the rest of the game. Carry on with until there is only one child left who will be the winner.

Halloween party game 4

Candy Corn Catch

Items needed: Candy corn, plastic pumpkins and string.

Divide the children into groups of 3 teams, 3-4 per team depending on how many kids are at the party. The Candy Corn Catch game will have the players toss candy corns from about 7 to 10 feet away into a pumpkin that will be tied around a team member’s waist. Each player will have the same amount of candy corn. The child wearing the pumpkin can move around to try to catch the candy corn as it is thrown. Once everyone has thrown the candy corn, take the pumpkin and count how many went in so a winner can be picked. This is determined on how many candy corns are in the pumpkin. Pick up any corn that missed the target from the floor to avoid accidents.

When playing games safety is major concern. Some kids are prone to accidents so have a first aid kit close to hand to fix up scrapes and grazes (plasters, bandages, and antiseptic cream.) Have an emergency contact number you can call in case something more serious happens.

Halloween party game 5

The Tragic Witch, Halloween Story Game

Items needed: cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower, peeled tomato, peeled grapes, popcorn kernels, baby carrots, spam, pen and paper, bags or basins

To play the game you need to be in a darkened room (not pitch black.)Dim the lights or use candles, think about safety when using candles. Before telling the story about the Tragic Witch who apparently died in an accident…explain to the kids they are to be the investigators. The children will have to identify the remains found at the scene of the accident. In a bag you will have the items mentioned above. The bag will be passed around and the kids without them peeking inside where they will be asked to guess the parts of the witch’s body inside the bag, and write them down.

Witches brain (cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower)

Heart (peeled tomato)

Eyes (peeled grapes)

Teeth (un-popped popcorn)

Fingers (baby carrots)

Liver (slice Spam in eerie shapes) the child with the most correct answers wins. You can make the story as gross as you like, however be careful you don’t scare the kids.

Ghoul Food Recipes

Eyeball Eggs


Hard boiled eggs

Cream cheese

Stuffed olives

Tomato sauce

Remove yolks from halved eggs and mash with cream cheese. Refill the white gap with the mashed mixture and add an olive (eye ball). Dip a cocktail stick in the tomato ketchup and draw squiggly lines on the whites to make them look blood shot.

Witchy Ice Cream


Mint ice cream (green)

Ice cream cones


Strawberry laces.

Scoop a ball of ice cream onto a plate and put strawberry laces on top for hair, use the wafer cone for a hat, and the smarties for eyes & nose and a lace string for the mouth.

Witches Hats


375g unsweetened cooking chocolate

1 handful marshmallows

15g butter

450g rice crispies

Melt 25g of the chocolate in a basin over a pot of hot water. Add marshmallows and stir until melted then add butter. Add rice crispies to the chocolate and marshmallows and stir to coat evenly. Allow to cool and shape into eight cones shapes. Flatten the large end to make a wide brim. Allow to cool and stiffen. Melt the rest of the chocolate. Dip the cones into the chocolate. Place on tinfoil to cool and harden.

Goodie bags should contain better goodies like a mini toothbrush and tube of tooth paste to clean their teeth after their slap up meal of devilish yummies.


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