Halloween Decorations – Exciting Spooky Ways To Decorate Your Home

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Halloween Decorations – Exciting Spooky Ways To Decorate Your Home

There are a number of places you can find some terrific arts and craft ideas for this Halloween, the internet being the best place to search. The net is full of loads of craft and art ideas for Halloween. If you search, you will find a number of craft ideas online. There are a few listed in this article with which you can get started.

Halloween decorations should be eerie, fun and scary. Here is a wonderful Halloween craft we have found for you. If your house has some bushes at the front, then this Halloween craft is sure to make you real popular in your area. First, take a white plain sheet and fold it into half. Place a few newspapers inside the fold. Using some black fabric paint of a black marker, draw a ghost face on the sheet and leave to dry. once its dry, hang it around your bushes and tightly secure it with clothespin at the back.

Another art and craft Halloween idea is to make your house look really scary and festive by hanging luminaries. First, take any brown lunch bag and use orange paint to paint it. Use an X-acto knife or a pair of scissors to cut out a pumpkin face. Make sure its scary. Fill sand at the bottom for about half an inch and take a tea light or a votive candle and submerge it at the bottom. Make a number of such luminaries and line your walkway with them for the trick or treat night.

Another arts and craft idea for Halloween is to drape your home with fun ghost or pumpkin garlands. These garlands are really easy to make. You require some white construction paper if you are making ghosts or orange construction paper if you are making pumpkins. Draw your ghost or pumpkin on the paper using a pencil or pen. Ensure that while drawing the figures, you leave a tab on the top to fold while stringing the garland. Draw funny or scary faces on the figure using a black marker and then cut out the figures. To make your garland really long, cut out many such figures. Place the string on the fold of the tab. Use staples, glue or tape to secure the figures. For the ghost garland use a black string and for the pumpkin garland use a green string. Drape these garlands wherever you feel like and decorate your home.

There are a number of arts and crafts you can make for Halloween and a majority of these are available on the internet. You can add your own personal touch to these decorations by using your imagination and improvising on them. Have fun this Halloween by decorating your house with your own creations!

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Halloween Spooky Ghostly Home Decoration

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Halloween Spooky Ghostly Home Decoration

No home is more spookier then this wooden home with its flying ghosts and swooping bats. Measuring at 9.5 icnhes by 7.5 inches and reaching 14 inches tall this haunted home will delight and spook.

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 34.99

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Halloween Decoration Ideas – Give Your Home the Halloween Touch!

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Halloween Decoration Ideas – Give Your Home the Halloween Touch!

Halloween story says that on night of October 31, Celts celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that ghosts of dead returned to earth. To beat the drum of this event, Druids built huge sacred bonfires where people gathered to burn animals and crops as sacrifices to Celtic deities. Sounds very horrific. But Halloween today is celebrated as a fun holiday. A holiday that provides opportunity to be someone else.

Halloween is a great time to have fun with kids, family and friends. Every year, people start planning months ahead for Halloween decoration, Halloween shopping, Halloween costumes and Halloween parties. Choosing a Halloween costume is always a daunting task as there are various options to choose from. But Halloween decorations can be even harder than that!

One can go for decorating home, office space, car, dorm room just about anywhere. You can find huge range of Halloween themed door bells, wall clocks, candle holders, door knockers and table displays at many online and in-stores. List for Halloween decoration items is long and endless! Some things can be bought from stores and some are handcrafts that can be made at home. Setting mood for Halloween has never been so fun!

Here are few ideas to help get started on decorating for Halloween:

Halloween Decoration for Living Room:
Decorate main rooms with Jack-o-lanterns made from anything such as pumpkins, apples, squashes and cucumbers etc. Hang them somewhere in room or place on tables, door and windows, stands and mantles. Use autumn leaves, green branches, and ears of corn, tomatoes, and apples and drape room with red and yellow scrim & cheese cloth. Have fire going in fireplace.

Halloween Decoration for Home Entrance:
Entrance way should be in total darkness except light coming from Jack-o-lanterns on tables or hangings on doors & ceilings. Entrance should be draped in black and spooky way. One can create spider web near entrance and decorate it with artificial spiders. Spooky candles can be placed at the door entrance for a dramatic look.

Halloween Decoration for Outdoors:
The lawn in front of house should be decorated with lighted Jack-o-lanterns each with different eyes, mouth, and nose. These lanterns should be as weird as possible. Drape black Jack-o’-lantern above front door and hang skull and crossbones in center over the door. Many spooky Halloween garden decor items are available at stores like Sears, Target, Halloween Mart and Wrapables.

Everything has changed in 100 years, but that essence of great Halloween decorating has remained almost same as in olden times… Have fun on Halloween nights dressed in Halloween costumes!!

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