Home-Made Halloween Decoration Suggestions and Party Game ideas, for all the family.Themes that the whole family can join in and have Great Fun with

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Home-Made Halloween Decoration Suggestions and Party Game ideas, for all the family.Themes that the whole family can join in and have Great Fun with

The key to a successful Halloween party is creating the right atmosphere. You expect your guests to get into the ‘spirit’ of the celebrations by dressing in Halloween theme costumes, so why not dress the party venue to compliment the festivities.

When holding a Halloween theme party it is a good idea to transform the party venue from something ordinary into a visually atmospheric space, filled with Halloween ambience, that will be enjoyed not only on the night, but during pre-party preparations and hopefully for years to come.

The interior (and exterior if you wish) can be dressed by using decorations, lighting and accessories to stunning effect, wherever you decide to hold your Halloween party and whatever your budget.

There are all kinds of Halloween theme decorations available to purchase and also plenty of ideas to create inexpensive Halloween decorations of your own.  Home made Halloween decorations can not only save you money, but can give the whole family, young and old, the opportunity of creating something together, while at the same time having great fun.

Kids love to get creative and enjoy the experience even more when it is shared with other family members.  As a family group, why not think about Halloween party games and even try them out as part of the party preparations.  Trying games out in advance will help you decide which are the best games to play at your Halloween party. So let’s have some fun!

How to make your own Halloween decorations. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Creepy Spiders A very quick and easy project, which even the youngest Halloweenster can accomplish. You will need black pipe cleaners, black pom-poms and some thread (black or nylon are best).

Take 4 pipe cleaners and twist them together 2 times in the centre.

Use the thread to tie the pom-pom to the pipe cleaners.

Bend the legs to create ‘knees’.

A smaller version can be created by cutting the pipe cleaners in half and winding a further pipe cleaner around the centre of the legs to create the body instead of using a pom-pom.

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Our 2009 Homemade Halloween Yard Display

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Here’s a video of our front yard this year. I’ll post another video showing how I made all of the decorations (if anyone is interested). The corpse and Mr. Pumpkinhead are paper mache, while Mr. Red is mostly hot glue. We still have to put up some spider web and the day before Halloween, we always put out the fog machine…it adds the right feel to Halloween night. Hope you enjoy.