Halloween Decorations For Kids – 4 Interesting Ideas You Can Try

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Halloween Decorations For Kids – 4 Interesting Ideas You Can Try

All of us want to become good parents for our kids. Spending quality time with your kids is very essential in order to come close to your kids. In fact it is the best gift you can give to your child. Yet, it is easy to spend time with the grown up kids. We often keep wandering as to what activities do we do with them.

Surprisingly, we often underestimate our kid’s abilities. Teach them some fun craft activities and help them carry on the same. You can look for many free and easy Halloween crafts that your little one would love to work on with you.

The internet is a hub for several ideas. Once you have the ideas and tips and tricks, you can use your innovative skills to make the ideas even more interesting. Creativity and imagination is the key to make your decorations as exclusive and attractive and spooky as you wish to.

Here are some interesting ideas to try out:

1. Halloween Ornaments with Fun Foam

Fun foam is among the essential craft items especially among the kids. This Halloween collect some chunks of fun foam typically in the Halloween shades that are black, orange, green and white. Now, draw some ovals and circles on the fun foam. With safety scissors let your child brush his or her craft & cutting skills. Make them cut out these shapes out of the fun foam. Mean while, you go ahead cutting shapes from the remaining pieces of fun foam. You might opt to work on interesting patterns like witches, scary cats, bats, ghosts, and many more. These shapes can easily be found on the internet. Now stick on these varied shapes on the ovals & circles you ha cut earlier. Finally, punch a hole on the top. Put a string in this hole and hang your child’s Halloween ornaments where ever you wish in the house!

2. Scary Pumpkin Windows

Get square pieces of orange construction sheets. Now let the kids draw some scary pumpkin faces on them. Further cut out these faces. Let the paper be square because as you may want to decorate the windows with this. Tape this to your windows and illuminate from behind using a lamp. Enjoy the sight of scary windows, the Halloween way!

3. Spooky Bushes

In case you have bushes around the house, try placing this cute little ghost out there. Fold a white bed sheet in to half. In between the fold, place some newspapers. Using black craft paint or black permanent markers, draw a spooky ghost face on this sheet in the front of the sheet. You can opt to make a funny, scary or whimsical face, the choice is completely yours! Now drape this sheet over the bushes. Pin it using clothes pins. This would make it tight enough. Now there is your ghost sitting in the bushes.

4. Halloween Candles

This craft requires varied materials like fruit gummies, candied corn, sequins and beads. Using the traditional white school glue, stick on these trinkets or any others that you wish to use; in order to decorate black and other dark colored candles. Use these to decorate the house for Halloween!

While these are just a few ideas, free and easy toddler Halloween crafts are very commonly found on the internet. Now-a-days there are several web sites focusing on these crafts. These are easy and fun activities for kids of all ages. These fun projects are simple and memorable activities to carry on with your kids. Try these and gift your child moments for life!

Abhishek is an expert at making Halloween Crafts and he has got some great Halloween Craft Secrets up his sleeve! Download his FREE 93 Pages Ebook, “How To Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Crafts!” from his website http://www.Fun-Galore.com/99/index.htm. Only limited Free Copies available.

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Halloween Party Games and Craft Ideas For Children

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Halloween Party Games and Craft Ideas For Children

Kids love to dress up as their favourite characters at Halloween, but these days you might not feel comfortable letting them out and about to go Trick or Treating. Why not do something a little different this year and let your kids invite their friends over for a Halloween Party? They can all get dressed up and enjoy some spooky fun in the safety of your home.

Here are some ideas for party games and Halloween craft activities to keep them entertained.

Halloween party games

1. The not so spooky Halloween parade

The little ones will want to show off their costumes so put on some mussy and have the kids put on a Halloween costume parade. Get them to do their best dance moves to the music and ensure the adults whoop, cheer, and look suitable spooked!

2. The Trick or Treat bonanza

Cut up some paper strips and on half of them write the word “treat”, on the others write out a number of tricks, such as “hop on one leg”, “growl like a lion” or “sing their favourite song”.

Put all of the paper pieces into a hat or a pillowcase and hide some sweets and candies around the room.

At the party ask each child to draw a piece of paper from the hat. They then have to perform the trick or search for the treats.

Halloween craft ideas

When the kids have run off all their energy on the party games have them sit around the table for some quiet craft time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Not so spooky Halloween mask making

Have a supply of white paper plates, glue, ribbons, felt pens and other craft items ready and ask the kids to make their own masks. They can design them to be as fun or as spooky as they like.

When everyone is done with their creations pierce a hole in each side of the plate and attach a piece of elastic so the kids can wear their masks, and pose for a group photograph!

2. The great Halloween loot collection

Kids love to take loot bags home from parties so let them decorate their own bags. You’ll need the same craft supplies as for the mask making, but this time they’ll need brown paper bags to decorate.

When the decorating is complete let the children go back to playing and fill the loot bags with candy and Halloween themed treats, when the party is over they can take their loot bags home.

Hosting a Halloween party in the safety of your own home is a great way for young children to take part in the festivities. Check out these great toddlers Halloween costumes to make sure they look great at the party; Dora the Explorer fans will love the Boots the Monkey costume at http://toddlershalloweencostumesideas.com/

Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Worm Cake

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Learn tools needed to make earthworm cake for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: www.digitaleyesproductions.com Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla

Fun Halloween Treat Ideas For 2009: Healthy Treats for Halloween

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Fun Halloween Treat Ideas For 2009: Healthy Treats for Halloween
Candy, though being associated with Halloween for centuries, has also long been associated with health issues such as spikes in sugar levels, weight gain and contributing to such things as diabetes and decay of our teeth. However, there are other Halloween treat ideas that you to hand out to your trick-or-treaters.  We can all make sure our kids enjoy this Halloween by giving them treats that won’t harm or affect their health.

After having numerous conversations with kids in my family, their friends and their classroom buddies I have come up with a list of treats the kids would enjoy just as much, if not more, than Halloween candy.

Healthy Snacks:

Raisins or other dried fruit packets

Bags of homemade trail mix

Mixed nuts that can also be mixed with raisins or dried cranberries

Apples can be decorated with small scary spiders that you can attach to the stem

Bananas and oranges can be decorated with painted Halloween faces

Other Great Treats:

Kids love stick-on stickers and temporary tattoos

Wax teeth and mustaches have been a hit on Halloween for as long as I can remember

Small wind-up toys that jump and move in many different ways – many adults have collected these since they were children

Boxes of Crayons

Spooky tops for their pencils and spooky shaped erasers

Sidewalk Chalk – great for Hop Scotch and for drawing pictures on the sidewalk or driveway

Freaky plastic rings shaped like spiders and other creatures will go nicely as accessories to their costumes.  A cat ring would be a great addition to the Pink Barbie Cat Costume for girls.

Many of your local party stores will have Halloween party favor bags. Some of them have miniature harmonicas and other fun toys in them.  I take these bags and use the contents individually for the trick-or-treaters. Kids love Halloween whether they get lots of candy or other fun and playful treats in their bag.

With the thousands of children that can’t eat candy due to health issues such as diabetes or food allergies, it’s important to have alternatives to Halloween candy so they can also enjoy the holiday.

I plan to give out candy, both regular and sugar-free, but I also plan to have many other treats for the children that prefer them or just can’t eat the candy.  Why should they be left out when there are so many easy ways to include them in the Halloween Spirit?

The Child Bratz Cat Costume is at the top of the list for Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween!

Cats are a big part of Halloween decorations and the Cat-In-The-Hat Costume is a hit this year for 2009 Halloween costumes. The Barbie Pink TM Child Costume is an officially licensed Barbie costume.

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Creepy Ideas for Halloween Decorating

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Creepy Ideas for Halloween Decorating

An excellent way to add a lot of fun to Halloween is to create or buy Halloween decorations to situate around your house or office.  It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, Halloween decorations can help to provide Halloween spirit. If you are looking to make or buy Halloween decorations to enjoy around your house or to decorate for a party, it is a good idea to keep in mind the ages of your kids or guests. A party for young children really should have cute and funny decorations as opposed to seriously frightening ones. Sometimes creatures such as ghosts or goblins can be created to look funny. To decorate your house or party for adults, the choices are endless and you can make use of any type you prefer.

Some of us will always love the old Dracula or Frankenstein; while others want to see princesses and knights. Witches are an all time favorite.   To make a room scary, you can also consider hanging wall decorations. Many kinds are available and ghosts, skeletons and pumpkins are popular choices. Our family enjoys posters of pumpkins and ghosts hanging around at Halloween.

Another idea is to place fake cobwebs in corners of a room or on the ceiling and a combination of cobwebs with spiders is always a favorite. There are also available cute, small dolls or ornaments. You can choose from cats, vampires and the like to put on tables or shelves.

For the most part, lights have always been used for Christmas decorating. Now you can buy and hang Halloween lights around your house and/or outside as they are easily found in stores or on the internet for sale. There are very adorable lights in the shape of the usual Halloween characters and they are available in several colors.

Since money is usually a consideration, you don’t need to buy expensive decorations. There is always the option to come up with some home made ones. If you have the time and are a little creative, this should be easy. Kids always like crafts and it can be a family project. You will find that you will enjoy making little skeletons or ghosts with your children.  Look around for craft items to make the decorations you desire. You will find several ideas on the internet, in a book or in your children’s imaginations. Making these decorations yourself will not only save you money but will create a fun time for your family. Go all out to make this Halloween festive and fun.

Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Color for Bloody Boogers

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Learn how to add food coloring for boogers and blood on a stick for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: www.digitaleyesproductions.com Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla

Home-Made Halloween Decoration Suggestions and Party Game ideas, for all the family.Themes that the whole family can join in and have Great Fun with

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Home-Made Halloween Decoration Suggestions and Party Game ideas, for all the family.Themes that the whole family can join in and have Great Fun with

The key to a successful Halloween party is creating the right atmosphere. You expect your guests to get into the ‘spirit’ of the celebrations by dressing in Halloween theme costumes, so why not dress the party venue to compliment the festivities.

When holding a Halloween theme party it is a good idea to transform the party venue from something ordinary into a visually atmospheric space, filled with Halloween ambience, that will be enjoyed not only on the night, but during pre-party preparations and hopefully for years to come.

The interior (and exterior if you wish) can be dressed by using decorations, lighting and accessories to stunning effect, wherever you decide to hold your Halloween party and whatever your budget.

There are all kinds of Halloween theme decorations available to purchase and also plenty of ideas to create inexpensive Halloween decorations of your own.  Home made Halloween decorations can not only save you money, but can give the whole family, young and old, the opportunity of creating something together, while at the same time having great fun.

Kids love to get creative and enjoy the experience even more when it is shared with other family members.  As a family group, why not think about Halloween party games and even try them out as part of the party preparations.  Trying games out in advance will help you decide which are the best games to play at your Halloween party. So let’s have some fun!

How to make your own Halloween decorations. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Creepy Spiders A very quick and easy project, which even the youngest Halloweenster can accomplish. You will need black pipe cleaners, black pom-poms and some thread (black or nylon are best).

Take 4 pipe cleaners and twist them together 2 times in the centre.

Use the thread to tie the pom-pom to the pipe cleaners.

Bend the legs to create ‘knees’.

A smaller version can be created by cutting the pipe cleaners in half and winding a further pipe cleaner around the centre of the legs to create the body instead of using a pom-pom.

Home-made Decorations, designed by Party Ubermarket

Host a party and let Party Ubermarket assist you with ideas for planning, decor, Themes, Food, Venue and Costumes. Party Ubermarket is a family run party supply and decorations business. Checkout our Themed party ideas, Birthday party supplies, Stag and Hen party suggestions, costumes and accessories. You can personalize decorations, party favours and gifts to add that special touch. Alternatively take inspiration from Party Ubermarket’s creative tips and ideas supplied by our very own party design team.

How to Make Halloween Cupcakes – Easy and Fun Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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www.fitforafeast.com . How to make easy and fun Halloween Cupcakes that look like pumpkin faces. See how to get the icing color right, how to prepare the mix and have fun decorating your Halloween cupcakes. You can use sparkle gel, toppers and food coloring in your frosting. Happy Halloween!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

If yourlooking for scary Halloween decorations, learn all the various ways to use the Halloween corpse that you have just constructed in this free Halloween props video. Expert: The Mad Scientist Contact: www.sbtfilms.com Bio: The Mad Scientist has been creating props and effects for haunted houses, theater and film for over 20 years. Filmmaker: Samuel Thompson
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Adding Dirt to Worm Cake

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Learn how to add dirt to an earthworm cake for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: www.digitaleyesproductions.com Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Smart But Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Smart But Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas

You do not have to be a good crafter to be able to make many great Halloween crafts that will make your holiday joyful. Halloween suggests pictures of spooky ghosts, black cats, dark witches, and flying bats.

You can recreate some of these images with fun and simple crafts.

The best part about making Halloween crafts is that the whole family can make them and it can give you some time to spend together. Lots of Halloween crafts can be done by almost any age child. For instance, your toddler can help out and learn new skills like cutting, drawing, and coloring.

Of course, you need some crafting supplies from the store. Here is the basic craft equipment needed:

* Several craft paintings: black, white, orange, etc. (pots and spraying cans)
* Gold and silver paint (spraying cans)
* Colored pipe cleaners
* Black, white, silver and gold markers

Obviously, most homes already have basic craft supplies like scissors, tape and glue.

So, let’s begin: it is going to be fun!

To make these spiders, you need an egg carton.

Cut all the egg cups.
Paint them black.
Paint their eyes with white or orange paint.
Make four small holes on each side of the spiders.
Insert a black or colored pipe cleaner in each hole and stick or glue them to the spider.
Give the shape you want to the pipe cleaners

Pumpkin boxes
Find as many small pumpkin plastic containers as you want.

Fill them with candies.
Voila! Treats are ready to be given to kids who will ring on your bell on Halloween Eve.

Colored Pumpkins
Here is a very special idea that will allow you to renew your Halloween ornaments while saving a lot of money. You probably already have ceramic pumpkins. Rather buying new Halloween ornaments, paint your old ones according to your needs: gold or silver paint for a luxurious decoration, for example.

You may also want to paint them in black or white. With a black, white, silver or gold marker, draw some shapes on these new pumpkins such as black cat, white witch, black mansion…

Kids love bright colors so you can paint your pumpkins in several different bright colors such as orange, green, blue, red, yellow, etc. Draw Halloween figures on these pumpkins. For teenagers decoration, paint pumpkins with metallic colors, glow-in-the-dark, glitter, and so on.

Pumpkin Jar
If you already have one or more, fill a glass jar with small plastic or ceramic pumpkins; alternate pumpkins with maple berries and leaves.

Do-it-yourself Halloween Lights
Here is an almost free Halloween craft! Paint small jars in black, white and orange. Draw some Halloween shapes on them and insert a tea light candle in each jar. For instance, paint a white jar, draw Scream murderer’s eyes and mouth and voila, you have an original ghost light. Place the Halloween candles on a black tray, insert mini pumpkins, maple berries and leaves, etc.

If you have larger jars, you may paint them as well and pour in Christmas lights.

Halloween Candelabra
Paint candelabra with black paint.

Add orange candles.
Hang cobwebs on the candelabra for a spooky Halloween effect!

Halloween Centrepiece
You will need to use a bread basket in order to make this item.

Fill it with some maple leaves.
Add cobweb, mini pumpkins, spiders…
You may keep the basket for Thanksgiving: you will only have to replace cobweb and spiders by grapes and pine cones.

Halloween Tree
Put bare branches in a vase.

Paint small Christmas tree balls black, white, and orange.
Draw Halloween shapes on them.
Hang the balls on the branches.
You may also make your own Halloween tree ornaments such as ghosts, black cat, witches, and spiders cut out cardboard. Paint them and hang them on the tree.

Tip: make a uncommon Halloween garland with popcorn painted orange.

Witch Hat
If you still have a pointy black hat from last year, reuse it by sticking Halloween items such as fake hands, spiders, cobwebs or other spooky items and pin it to the front door.

Happy Halloween!

D. Halet is an European history, Holidays and Tarot Cards passionate; she writes articles and creates websites dedicated to these subjects.
For more info on Halloween Costume ideas, visit My Happy Halloween! and receive a free My Happy Halloween Guide.

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