Halloween Party Games and Craft Ideas For Children

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Halloween Party Games and Craft Ideas For Children

Kids love to dress up as their favourite characters at Halloween, but these days you might not feel comfortable letting them out and about to go Trick or Treating. Why not do something a little different this year and let your kids invite their friends over for a Halloween Party? They can all get dressed up and enjoy some spooky fun in the safety of your home.

Here are some ideas for party games and Halloween craft activities to keep them entertained.

Halloween party games

1. The not so spooky Halloween parade

The little ones will want to show off their costumes so put on some mussy and have the kids put on a Halloween costume parade. Get them to do their best dance moves to the music and ensure the adults whoop, cheer, and look suitable spooked!

2. The Trick or Treat bonanza

Cut up some paper strips and on half of them write the word “treat”, on the others write out a number of tricks, such as “hop on one leg”, “growl like a lion” or “sing their favourite song”.

Put all of the paper pieces into a hat or a pillowcase and hide some sweets and candies around the room.

At the party ask each child to draw a piece of paper from the hat. They then have to perform the trick or search for the treats.

Halloween craft ideas

When the kids have run off all their energy on the party games have them sit around the table for some quiet craft time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Not so spooky Halloween mask making

Have a supply of white paper plates, glue, ribbons, felt pens and other craft items ready and ask the kids to make their own masks. They can design them to be as fun or as spooky as they like.

When everyone is done with their creations pierce a hole in each side of the plate and attach a piece of elastic so the kids can wear their masks, and pose for a group photograph!

2. The great Halloween loot collection

Kids love to take loot bags home from parties so let them decorate their own bags. You’ll need the same craft supplies as for the mask making, but this time they’ll need brown paper bags to decorate.

When the decorating is complete let the children go back to playing and fill the loot bags with candy and Halloween themed treats, when the party is over they can take their loot bags home.

Hosting a Halloween party in the safety of your own home is a great way for young children to take part in the festivities. Check out these great toddlers Halloween costumes to make sure they look great at the party; Dora the Explorer fans will love the Boots the Monkey costume at http://toddlershalloweencostumesideas.com/

Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Worm Cake

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Learn tools needed to make earthworm cake for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: www.digitaleyesproductions.com Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla

Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Color for Bloody Boogers

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Learn how to add food coloring for boogers and blood on a stick for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: www.digitaleyesproductions.com Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla

Home-Made Halloween Decoration Suggestions and Party Game ideas, for all the family.Themes that the whole family can join in and have Great Fun with

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Home-Made Halloween Decoration Suggestions and Party Game ideas, for all the family.Themes that the whole family can join in and have Great Fun with

The key to a successful Halloween party is creating the right atmosphere. You expect your guests to get into the ‘spirit’ of the celebrations by dressing in Halloween theme costumes, so why not dress the party venue to compliment the festivities.

When holding a Halloween theme party it is a good idea to transform the party venue from something ordinary into a visually atmospheric space, filled with Halloween ambience, that will be enjoyed not only on the night, but during pre-party preparations and hopefully for years to come.

The interior (and exterior if you wish) can be dressed by using decorations, lighting and accessories to stunning effect, wherever you decide to hold your Halloween party and whatever your budget.

There are all kinds of Halloween theme decorations available to purchase and also plenty of ideas to create inexpensive Halloween decorations of your own.  Home made Halloween decorations can not only save you money, but can give the whole family, young and old, the opportunity of creating something together, while at the same time having great fun.

Kids love to get creative and enjoy the experience even more when it is shared with other family members.  As a family group, why not think about Halloween party games and even try them out as part of the party preparations.  Trying games out in advance will help you decide which are the best games to play at your Halloween party. So let’s have some fun!

How to make your own Halloween decorations. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Creepy Spiders A very quick and easy project, which even the youngest Halloweenster can accomplish. You will need black pipe cleaners, black pom-poms and some thread (black or nylon are best).

Take 4 pipe cleaners and twist them together 2 times in the centre.

Use the thread to tie the pom-pom to the pipe cleaners.

Bend the legs to create ‘knees’.

A smaller version can be created by cutting the pipe cleaners in half and winding a further pipe cleaner around the centre of the legs to create the body instead of using a pom-pom.

Home-made Decorations, designed by Party Ubermarket

Host a party and let Party Ubermarket assist you with ideas for planning, decor, Themes, Food, Venue and Costumes. Party Ubermarket is a family run party supply and decorations business. Checkout our Themed party ideas, Birthday party supplies, Stag and Hen party suggestions, costumes and accessories. You can personalize decorations, party favours and gifts to add that special touch. Alternatively take inspiration from Party Ubermarket’s creative tips and ideas supplied by our very own party design team.

Gross But Great Halloween Party Food Ideas : Halloween Party Food: Adding Dirt to Worm Cake

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Learn how to add dirt to an earthworm cake for Halloween party food in this free Halloween recipe video. Expert: J. Costilla Contact: www.digitaleyesproductions.com Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe in San Antonio. He is also a commercial photographer. Filmmaker: julio costilla
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tips for Preparing Halloween Party Recipes

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Tips for Preparing Halloween Party Recipes

The fun part about Halloween parties is not just wearing unique and interesting Halloween costumes. It is very fun and exciting to eat or prepare Halloween party recipes. You have to be creative when preparing foods for your Halloween party if you want to make your food appropriate for your party’s theme. Here are some tips for preparing Halloween party recipes.

You can use traditional or common recipes. Just tweak it a bit to make it suitable for your party. For instance, you can prepare spaghetti with meatballs. Just make the meatballs look like human eyeballs. Your guests will surely feel as if human eyes are staring at them whenever they get a serving of your spaghetti with eyeballs. Prepare foods that resemble body parts of humans like fingers, ears, heart, eyeballs, bones, skulls, nose, tongue, and so on. You have to use your creative juices to be able to come up with such recipes. Or you can search for them in the internet, which is easier and more convenient. Create spooky or gross names for your recipes. For example, you can serve ‘spaghetti with eyeballs’, ‘fried bat wings’, ‘finger foods’ (make it literal and serve finger foods that look like fingers), and so on. For your beverages, you can choose drinks that look like blood, goo, or mud. You can choose drinks that are blood red, slimy green, or murky brown in color.

These tips for preparing Halloween recipes for your party will surely make your party the talk of the town. Have fun cooking spooky meals!

Are you ready to learn Halloween party recipes that you and your family can enjoy? Visit http://halloween-recipes.justnotmartha.com/ today!

Pot-luck Halloween Party for Everyone

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Pot-luck Halloween Party for Everyone

Children favorite holidays are Saint Nicholas (in Belgium) or Christmas, because of the gifts; Carnival (in Europe) because of the costumes, parties and parades; and Halloween.

Why do they love Halloween? Adults assume that children love Halloween because children generally love candy.

But children do not only love the abundance of candy at Halloween. They love partying, wearing costumes, watching torchlight parades…

Adults also love Halloween. Especially Halloween parties.

While reading lots of articles dedicated to Halloween, I noticed that people talk about Halloween parties for children or Halloween parties for adults. But they seldom talk about Halloween parties for everyone.

So this year, why not going for a Halloween party for everyone, adults and children?

Obviously, Halloween family parties are often organized: when the trick or treating is over, children come home with their candies and after verifying the quality of the sweets they received, everybody goes in the living room. While drinking pumpkin juice, parents tell
children some Halloween stories.

But there is a way to make your Halloween evening funnier for everyone. What about a pot-luck party? What about inviting your friends and neighbours; married couples or single parents and their children?

Unfortunately, there is a major inconvenient: when she guests a party, the housewife must stay in the kitchen to ensure that everyone has something to eat and to drink and to prepare the meal.

This year, the housewife will participate and enjoy the Halloween party. The principle of this event is the following one: each guest brings different dishes: meal, dessert, pie or drink – alcoholic or not.

Prepare your Halloween party for everyone by creating invitation cards with funny Halloween decorations. Set up a costume theme. Decorate your house. Ask children to help you: they also participate to the event.

The easiest way to guest a Halloween party is by organizing a supper-table. Convert your dinner room table into a supper-table. Place the Jack-O-Lantern on its center and each of the dishes brought by your guests all around it. Each participant will serve himself.

A supper-table is also an excellent way for your guests to be able to talk to everyone and meet new people.

A smaller table in another corner of the room will become the bar area. Fun tip: carve two large pumpkins and decorate them with Halloween theme and fill one of them with sangria or alcoholic punch for adults and the other one with fruit juice for the children. Decorate the drinks with Witch Eyes.

Witch Eyes recipe:

Canned peeled and drained litchis
Incorporate a black grape or a maraschino cherry into each litchi

Plan to have enough chairs for your guests and reserve some space at the center of the room to dance. Put the musical mood by creating some play lists dedicated to Halloween.

Here are some Halloween dessert ideas:

Halloween Lanterns:

Montain oranges,
Chocolate mousse

Cut the top of each orange
Remove the pulp or the oranges
Draw eyes, a nose and a mouth as if they were pumpkins
Fill the oranges with chocolate mousse
Cap them with the top you cutted
Keep them in a cool place.

French Pumpkin Doughnut

Cut 500 g of Hokkaido pumpkin into small cubes
2 tablespoon Sugar
2 tablespoon Soft butter
2 lightly beaten eggs
125 fl oz flour

Put the Hokkaido pumpkin in a pot
Cover with water and let it boil until the pumpkin is cooked and tender
Drain the pumpkin and combine with sugar, butter and eggs
Gradually add flour while beating
File a tablespoon of the mixture into hot oil for about 4-5 minutes
Serve warm.

Have a fun pot-luck Halloween party for everyone!

D. Halet is an European history, Holidays and Tarot Cards passionate; she writes articles and creates websites dedicated to these subjects.
For more info on Halloween Costume ideas, visit My Happy Halloween! and receive a free My Happy Halloween Guide.

Halloween Party Drinks

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Halloween Party Drinks

Try these delicious drinks at your Halloween party this year for great holiday flavors that are so easy to put together.  Your guests, young and old, will love you for them. 

Pumpkin Smoothie (Non Alcoholic)

Into a blender, add one cup of pumpkin puree, a large fresh banana, one cup of vanilla ice-cream, one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, one teaspoonful of ground nutmeg half a cup of orange juice, four ice cubes and a tablespoonful of brown sugar.  Whizz together until thick and creamy and serve immediately (Makes 2 large glasses)

Spiced Hot Apple Brew (Non Alcoholic)

Heat a liter carton of apple juice in a pan until hot (but not boiling) and then add 2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar, 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon and another of ground nutmeg, stir until all the flavours have combined and add extra sugar to taste.  Throw in slices of apple, orange and pear and serve in Halloween mugs with a cinnamon stick for stirring.

Sinful Witches Brew (Adults Only)

Replace the apple juice in the Hot Apple Brew (described above) with cider and add an additional cupful of white rum.  Heat as above, adding the cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar to taste.  Again, throw in slices of orange, apple and pear and serve in tall glasses with cinnamon sticks for stirring.

Pumpkin Face Punch (Adults only)

Use a hollowed out pumpkin as a punch bowl for this wicked party beverage that’s for the adults only.  Mix two bottles of bubbly (champagne or sparking wine) with half a cup of white run, half a cup of peach schnapps, half a cup of tequila,a liter carton of cranberry juice and sugar syrup to taste.  Add apple slices for decoration and serve over ice.  

Pumpkin Face Punch (Non-Alcoholic)

Make this punch family friendly by replacing the bubbly and spirits with lemonade or 7Up. Omit the sugar syrup.

Happy Halloween!

Dr Sarah-Jayne is a published author with a doctorate in Psychology. Her articles have been published in national and international media and her book is on the reading list at over 40 Universities worldwide.

Throwing the Ultimate Adult Halloween Party

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Throwing the Ultimate Adult Halloween Party

Now that fall is beginning to draw very near you can’t help but to start thinking about not only the beauty of fall but about the fun and excitement of Halloween as well. If you looking to really get n the ghoulish spirit this year and planning to throw a Halloween party there are a number of things that you should start thinking about now. An adult Halloween party s even harder to throw than one for kids because there is so much more to offer adults in the way of refreshments, games, spookiness, and food than there is for children. If you plan your adult party right though you will have fun doing it and you and your guests will have a great time at your party. Listed in order of priority are the things that you should start thinking about now in order to get them just right.

Refreshments – Refreshments are the most important part of any party but regarding a Halloween party the refreshments can also count as part of the decorations as well. You will want to have drinks, both with and without alcohol, to serve to your guests. In order to make the party a little more festive you can serve drinks in Halloween cups and goblets and you can also make Halloween themed drinks. There is an endless supply out there of spooky, slimy, and creepy looking drinks that would be perfect so decide on your theme and then you can likely find a drink that fits in well with it. Another idea is to make ice cubes in various Halloween shapes to be used in the drinks. Finally, if you want to get really creative with refreshments you can make jello shots using Halloween molds such as ghosts, witches, pumpkins, bats, or any other spooky character.

Decorations – The decorations for your party will be the next important thing because since it’s a Halloween party you want your home to really look like its Halloween. You décor should start on the outside of the home so that as soon as guests arrive they know their in for some fun. Pumpkins, ghosts in the trees, lights, screaming door mats, strobe lights, and spooky yard ornaments are all great outdoor decorations that will welcome your guests. And if you start buying decorations early you’ll get a huge selection to choose from to.

Food – Food is the next most important part of your party and just like the refreshments the food should be festive. Food should also be simple to eat while socializing in order to make the guests more comfortable. Halloween themed or orange, purple, and/or black cutlery and plates will add a simple festive touch to your food tables and there are plenty of recipes to choose from for Halloween goodies.

Having a Halloween party is fun and planning is fun to but you want to plan it just right so that your guests can have fun to. And if you do it will be your Halloween party that everybody is talking about for years to come.

Jane Michael is a successful webmaster and owner of popular and comprehensive Business Gift Baskets web site. For more article and resource on Thank You Gift Baskets visit this Gift Basket for Spa site.

Top Five Tips For Arranging a Halloween Party

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Top Five Tips For Arranging a Halloween Party

Organizing a Halloween celebration can end up being a really enjoyable thing to accomplish.  Irrespective of whether you may be hosting adults, children, or perhaps a blend of both, Halloween parties are usually fun as well as enjoyable to put on as well as to attend. 

In order to guide in the planning of your Halloween party, as well as to make it the occasion of the year, the following are a few ideas in order to get you started out in your organizing:

Halloween Idea 1 – The first thing you need to do is to decide on a budget for your party and if you will be having adults, children, or both in attendance.  Once you have made these decisions then it is time to start planning your event.

Halloween Idea 2 – Food and drinks tend to be constantly a major part of any kind of Halloween celebration.  Here you can easily end up being really imaginative with things such as ‘scabs” other wise recognised as dried out cranberries.  Products like bleeding cupcakes or even things that appear like eyeballs tend to be a hit.  Or perhaps you could use a much more conventional fare of cookies and candy. 

Halloween Idea 3 – Decorations intended for Halloween can be entertaining.  You could make tombstones in the garden using basic Styrofoam cut-outs and also even hang up lights and ghosts around your trees.  Within your home you could decorate using spider webs as well as some other spooky things which you could buy from any neighbourhood shop in the course of the Halloween season. 

Halloween Idea 4 – Enjoying games is always a great hit at any kind of party. A fun game for grown ups can be charades making use of scary movies as well as themes.  For kids, bobbing for apples can certainly be fun provided that weather as well as space permits.  Additionally, contests for the finest costume usually go over well.  (Tell your attendees this upon your invitations.

Halloween Idea 5 – In the event that you would like to impress your friends, you can easily write secret messages upon your drinking glasses.  In order to accomplish this, take a blend of dish soap as well as water and write messages with it, making use of your finger, upon the outside of a number of drinking glasses.  As soon as you are done place them inside the freezer to frost over.  While your friends drink, and the glasses warm up, your messages will become visible.  This particular trick is always something people will be astonished at and also talk about for a very long time to come.

About the Author: Edwin Jones is a writer on a wide range of Internet related topics. His latest website has reviews on Munster Costumes. Find out more about Munster Costumes at http://www.munstercostumes.com. You have full permission to reprint this article provided the sentence above and link is kept.

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