Top Party Food Recipes To Make Your Halloween Spectacular

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Top Party Food Recipes To Make Your Halloween Spectacular

Want to wow family and friends’ this Halloween? The trick here actually is to turn familiar food into a creepy creation yet still retaining its taste.

Using food coloring adds a fun and festive mood to ordinary foods, perfect for the Halloween. Cooking up Halloween party food recipes is not at all difficult. Whether you’re hosting a kiddie Halloween party or an eerie night for adults, the last thing you want is to bore your party guests with the same old treats.

Remember that celebrating the Halloween should be done the way it really should be: scary, spooky and mysterious. So how exactly can you make guests drool in the mouth on your party?

To begin with, start with exciting beverages for all ages. Give a little kick to your Halloween drinks by decorating it. For example, you can buy small plastic creepy crawlies like spiders, beetles or worms and top it on your drink. You can also put them in an ice cube container after filling it with water and then freezing them.

Serve it with drinks and your guests can actually see the spider through the ice cube. Make your party guests drink ‘dirty water’ too. How to do that? Just add sherbert to your lemonade. When mixed with regular lemonade, it turns into a grayish-brown color, much like dirty water. Moreover, add red food coloring to smoothies and you instantly have a drink that looks like real blood.

Now let’s move on to snacks and other Halloween party food. Perhaps the easiest way to bring out some spookiness to your treats is by making slimy jello. Depending on the kind of spook you want, you can go for popular Halloween colors such as green for goo, black for darkness or red for blood. Serve ‘brain matter’ using green jello or solidified blood with the red variety.

If you opt for another treat, you can never go wrong with cupcakes and decorate them with funky frostings or bake cookies and top them with edible decorations. Always make your decorations edible as much as possible. You don’t want to risk your party guests’ safety, especially curious kids who practically put just about anything in their mouths.

You can also surprise your guests with red, peeled grapes. How this works? Have them close their eyes and make them put their hands in the bowl. (Their hands must be clean, of course). Without saying to them what it is, tell them to just eat it. When it touches their mouth, tell them it’s animal eyeballs! Just for the fun of it! You’re bound to have a spooky night that’s going to scare up a lot of raves from your guests!

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